Parenting is one of the most important role which we play in our life. It is a very big responsibility in itself, but a beautiful one. It’s said that if you want to be happier, then become a parent and we, at KIMS Cuddles, having seen so many lives change beautifully, completely believe that. Babies do not come with guides but they make us guides and provide us with so much learning that we can teach others too. Learning to read expressions, interpreting behaviours, comforting the kid selflessly and so many endless things and cherishing moments. Let us tell you that the initial days of parenthood would be very overwhelming for you. Sometimes you might get irritated due to the never-ending cycle of feeding, changing diapers, crying sounds etc. With time you would start loving it as your baby start to settle down.

At KIMS Cuddles, we would counsel you on changes which might occur in your baby and may seem different to you but have nothing in serious. We would give you all the tips to comfort your baby when she/he cries. Make us your guide in this wonderful journey of parenting and we would never disappoint you. You might be curious about breastfeeding, feeding solids to your baby, taking care of the teeth of your baby and many more things. Don’t worry! Our team of experts is there for you.

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Our Parenting Services


After becoming a parent, it is important to undertake the counselling sessions on new born handling. We regularly conduct such sessions for new parents and resolve all their queries.

Tips & Guidance

From tips on general care to guidance on immunization schedule to monitoring growth, we are always there for you. Consult our experts for every little thing that needs your attention.

Post-natal Care

Post-natal care is the care which is given to the baby and the mother after the birth. It is important for the baby and the mother to take proper rest and nutrition.