24 January, 2022

Baby’s First Year – Feeding Schedule and Nutrition Tips

You’ve happily clicked a snap of your little munchkin eating messily! That’s great, but now are you worried about how to provide the best nutrition to your baby in the first year? Fret not, here’s a guide on the feeding schedule for baby in the first year. Keeping in mind the fact that different infants require a different amount of nutrition, the nutrition you provide to your infant depends on his or her age, appetite, and body weight.

So let’s have a glance at the healthy food for baby according to their age in the first year of birth.


As you must know, infants should receive the nutrition and calories only through breast milk or formula.  So let’s know the feeding schedule for baby with both these items.

  • Breast milk

According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, an infant should drink one to two ounces of breast milk per feeding. However, once your baby is at least two weeks old, the amount of this quantity will amplify to two to three ounces.  Generally, you need to feed breast milk to your newborn every two to three hours ass it proves to be a healthy food for baby.

  • Formula.

If you’re opting to include a formula in the feeding schedule for baby, then make sure to provide two to three Oz per feeding. Additionally, you need to remember that the infants take up formula every three to four hours. Once your baby grows, gradually the amount of this liquid even increases. According to an associate professor of general pediatrics in the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, you should provide 2.5 ounces of formula per pound of your baby’s weight.

1-3 months old babies.

The feeding schedule for baby gradually heightens as he or she enters the three months of age threshold. During this period, the baby will become more vocal when his or her appetite increases.

The healthy food for baby during this period is also either breast milk or formula. According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, a two-month-old baby can consume four to five Oz of breast milk or formula every three to four hours.

Four to six months old.

When the babies reach five to six months of age, they tend to start eating solids. Some of the indicators showing that your infant may now be ready to take in solids include their grabbing skills and head and neck control. 

So during this duration, you can aim at providing one to two tablespoons of food to your child twice a day. However, make sure not to substitute solid food with milk completely. The American Academy of Paediatrics suggests including some 8 ounces per feeding every four to five hours once your baby is six months old.

6-9 months old.

Healthy food for baby when he or she is 6 to 9 months old includes both milk and solid items. However, during this period, the major calories should still come from breast milk or formula.

Generally, you may aim at feeding up to two meals to your child that include two to four tablespoons each. You can introduce solid items to your child during this period that include single-grain baby cereals, pureed fruits, vegetables or meats. At the same time, when breastfeeding, make sure not to cross the limit of 32 ounces of formula per day.

9 to 12 months old

Once your baby enters this age threshold, the feeding schedule for baby should provide half the calories from food and half from breast milk or formula.  Generally, babies even like to play with their food and explore their tastes during this period. So you can even consider adding yogurt, or an additional dip with their whole-grain crackers or food items.

So now you can create a feeding schedule for baby that includes healthy food for baby.

*Information shared here is for general purpose. Please take doctors’ advice before making any decision. 


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02 February, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Taking Care of Toddlers in the Winter

With the cold weather already here, you may be thinking about whether it’s safe for your toddler to play outside or not. However, no matter if the temperatures outside are decreasing, toddlers during the winter require physical activities because they are great stress relievers for them when they are cooped up inside their house for so many hours. Thus, it is safe for a toddler to play outside during the cold weather. The American Council of Exercise even recommends that the children should receive approximately 60 minutes of physical activity each day. So you may allow your toddler for outdoor play in different intervals by providing them breaks after 10 to 20 minutes.  Here are several other tips that will facilitate outdoor play for your toddlers while keeping them safe. Dressing Them Properly During Cold Weather Toddlers during the winter should be sent outside to play only after dressing them in layers.  The layered dressing will help to keep the body warm of your toddler with scarves, boots, hats, earmuffs, socks or mittens. Additionally, the layers will not only protect your child while they’re playing outside but will also help to retain their body heat through the air pockets present in the different clothes. Though your child may become sweaty through outdoor play, you can always take off one layer. It is even recommended to dress your child in an extra layer as compared to an average adult.
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29 January, 2022

Common Diseases and Issues: Caring For a Baby And How To Prevent Them.

Caring for a baby is very crucial because during the initial first year the baby’s immune system is quite weak. Due to this, there are amplified chances for him or her to develop several common diseases in babies or sickness in infant. But with the right care, you can treat common diseases in babies easily. However, new parents and caregivers may have several questions related to their infants’ healthcare. So this guide will help you to know how to care for your baby and prevent the common diseases in babies and sickness in infant. Now let’s have a look at the common diseases in babies worth one year or less and how to care for them, or how to prevent them earlier only.  Bowel movements Keeping track of the bowel movement of your infant is crucial because this can help you to know if your infant is likely to develop any disease. So the different factors you need to consider regarding the bowel movement of your baby are as follows. Consistency. Initially, the consistency of your kid’s stool will range from loose, runny or soft. However, infant or formula-fed may have stools with a tan yellow shade and firmer as compared to the infants who are breastfed. All you need to consider while checking the consistency of your infants’ stool is that it should not be hard or very
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21 January, 2022

What is a Neonatal Care Specialist and What’s Their Job Description?

Once a baby enters into this world, he or she needs to be taken care of. The transition of the baby from the womb to the outside world is made smoother with the efficacious services of a neonatal care specialist. A neonatologist or a Neonatal Care Specialist is a physician who provides care for newborns, especially infants that are born prematurely and have different health issues. Due to this, the services of a Neonatal care specialist are hired by different Community hospitals, University Medical centers, and other children’s hospitals. Now let’s have a peek at the job description and the qualifications or education required to become a Neonatal care specialist.  Education of a Neonatal care specialist  What is a Neonatal doctor? A Neonatal doctor or a neonatologist is a physician responsible to maintain the proper nutrition of a newborn. To practice the profession of a neonatal care specialist, you need to acquire a demanding educational path. This means you have to procure your undergraduate degree and then spend four years in a medical school. Once medical school is done, a neonatologist spends another three years in residency in general pediatrics.  When your education is completed, you need to obtain general certification from the American Board of Paediatrics. This requires you to pass certain education requirements along with the certification exam. Once done, you
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