Bringing a new life to an existence is one of the most precious moments of any parent’s life. At KIMS Cuddles, we strive to make those precious moments of a mother even more memorable and cherishing through our services.

Painless Delivery

With KIMS Cuddles hundreds of women have a painless childbirth every day. With our experts you will get a complete guidance on painless childbirth. We use the best of epidural anae...


Understanding Childbirth

Our experts will prepare for the birth of your newborn. This course is designed to help you understand Do’s and Dont’s of pregnancy, know what is happening inside your body and pre...


Understanding Signs Of Labor And Preparing For Labor

Labor is a telltale sign that baby is coming. So, it is imperative to prepare for labor as it is much more than just packing your hospital bag. Our expert will tell you what all st...


Patient Testimonials

Mrs. Swetha M

Mrs. Podagatlapalli SKVS Deepika

Mrs. Aparna

Mrs. Manohari

Mrs. Sudha Sravanthi

Mrs. Rachana

Mrs. Pravallika

Mrs. Aliya Kouser

Mrs. Ch. Asha Latha

Mrs. Kolluri Sireesha

Doctor Videos

Dr. K. Shilpi Reddy, Painless Delivery

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