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Dr. Sahithi Balmuri, 9 Months Full Term Care, Fertility Services, Fitness & Care, Gynaecology Services, Hi-Risk Pregnancy, Lactation, Lactation Support Services, Pregnancy Nutrition, VBAC, Woman Health Services

Dr. Sahithi Balmuri, Antenatal Care, Fertility Services, Fitness & Care, Gynaecology Services, Hi-Risk Pregnancy, Lactation, Maternity services, Obstetrics, Pregnancy Nutrition, Woman Health Services

Dr. Sahithi Balmuri, Antenatal Care, Fertility Services, Fitness & Care, Gynaecology Services, Hi-Risk Pregnancy, Maternity services, Obstetrics, Postnatal care, Pregnancy Nutrition, Vaccination, Well Baby Clinic, Woman Health Services

Dr. Nikitha Reddy DS, Antenatal Care, Fertility Services, Fitness & Care, Gynaecology Services, Hi-Risk Pregnancy, Maternity services, Obstetrics, Pregnancy Nutrition, Woman Health Services

Dr. Sahithi Balmuri, Antenatal Care, Fitness & Care, Gynaecology Services, Hi-Risk Pregnancy, Maternity services, Pregnancy Nutrition, Woman Health Services

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17 November, 2022

Taking care of mental wellbeing during pregnancy

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Pregnancy often is a happy and joyous phase to treasure and cherish. It brings a mix of feelings for you, and not all of them are good. Few thoughts might even trigger the mental health that might disturb you so much during and after the pregnancy. It’s just as important to look at your mental wellbeing and health during pregnancy as your physical health.  For your safe and happy pregnancy, a happy lifestyle is crucial. However, it is good to notice your mood drifts to identify the problems in the early stages.  What can you usually experience?  While mood swings are common during pregnancy, continuous and long down moments are not good. Take a look at the durations you are down.  Feeling fear or anxiety all the time about your baby or pregnancy.  Having negative thoughts about your life, pregnancy and relation  Feeling burdened with unknown pressure in your mind can relate to the stress of pregnancy but requires attention.  Common mental problems experienced during pregnancy  Depression during Pregnancy “During pregnancy, the symptoms of depression such as changes in sleep, appetite, and energy levels are often difficult to distinguish from the regular experiences of pregnancy.“ says Diana Carter, MBBS Xanthoula Kostaras, BSc. In her recent publication, she mentioned that up to 70% of women report some negative mood symptoms during pregnancy. However, she specified the prevalence of women who meet the diagnostic criteria for depression is between 13.6% at 32 weeks gestation and 17% at 35-36 weeks gestation.It is always good to monitor the conditions and seek medical support when required. High amounts of Anxiety  Anxiety is another unsettling feeling during pregnancy which ignites worry or fear over things that might happen. In 95% of the cases, pregnancy increases the insecurities. The concerns might be about pregnancy complications, being a bad mother or not facilitating everything their baby requires in future.Although it is good to have thoughts about the future, allowing many negative thoughts might trigger yours and baby’s health. Continuous panic attacks  The sudden and intense physical responses with unexplained emotions with paralysed fear are panic attacks. Usually, during these attacks, breathing gets hitched, and a sudden trauma gets you down with immense fear. You might not find appropriate words to explain or brief why or what triggered your fear.  Practising yoga or meditation will help you analyze and overcome such situations better.  Immediate treatments available  Seek for the support. Talk to your partner or family related to the issues you are going through. Ask them a hand to help you overcome this.  Meet up with your doctor. Seeking medical support is entirely common, and you can use medication for the same. Attend talk therapies. Talking one-on-one with your therapist can be an excellent way to manage pressure, deal with depression, and ease anxiety or stress during pregnancy.   Engaging in a healthy lifestyle with comforting activities like yoga, meditation and exercise.  Picking up the old hobby you left behind like sketching, singing or cooking that you love to do.    Many pregnant moms feel pressure and anxiety during pregnancy but do not let the mental health disturb your unborn child’s health. This World Mental Health Day recognise your inner strengths and cope up with the regular mental health issues with a positive stride. For the health of you and your baby, take care of yourself physically and mentally. Be sure to eat well, exercise, get enough sleep, and take your prenatal vitamins!


05 September, 2020

Are you a working professional? Know the Do’s and Dont’s during Pregnancy

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You can manage your pregnancy and work together. Most women generally continue to work during pregnancy. If you are having a normal and healthy pregnancy, you can keep on working as long as you feel comfortable. However, pregnancy will bring in some challenges during pregnancy. Following specific measures will make it easy to balance your pregnancy and work. Know the Do’s and Dont’s to be followed during pregnancy! DO’s Snack healthy foods at regular intake  Apart from the general pregnancy cravings, you might experience continuous starving. After all, the food you take is not just for you, but for both you and your baby. Do not let your starvings go longer. Snack often even during work but prefer healthy snacking options over the regular packaged food. Quick napping and relaxing breaks  You may be comfortable working for more extended periods without a break. But, your baby might not like it at all. Relax your hormones and body by taking frequent breaks at regular intervals of time. Quick napping and relaxing will enhance your mood and makes you feel light during work. Stay hydrated with plenty of fluids  Keep your body hydrated throughout the day irrespective of the place you are at. Keep a water bottle at your desk or in your work area and sip throughout the day. Place a water bottle on your desk or in your work area. Sip throughout the day at regular intervals. Cut back on sodas, drinks and caffeine, which can be harmful to your baby at this point. Instead, choose fresh fruit juices. DONT’s Do not allow work stress to overrule you  Pregnancy itself brings in a lot of stress on to your body and mind. Adding up your work stress to it might deteriorate your health excessively. Communicate with your colleagues and try to take in the limited tasks. Do not stretch the working hours and check your comfortable hours all the time. Never skip your prenatal doctor checkups Prenatal checkups are the best progress checking trackers about the health of you and your baby. They also help you in evaluating the critical conditions and procedural complications that require your attention. Ensure that you make time for all of them. Don’t dress uncomfortably while working Pregnancy is a different phase which might require your attention in a varied style. A free dress with flat footwear might make you feel at ease. Avoid tight clothing with heels that might pressure up your body and make you lose balance. You can even pick pregnancy wear that is designed to make you feel at comfort. When you are working while expecting, you might not have the entire homely conditions prevailed. However, you can set the perks by following the standards to ease up your pregnancy. We hope that the above mentioned DO’s and DONT’s will help you in setting up your process.  *Information shared here is for general purpose. Please take doctors’ advice before making any decision.


23 May, 2020

Pregnancy Myths: Nutrition Facts You Should Know About

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Pregnant women receive an overwhelming amount of advice and information, especially when it comes to food and nutrition. With so many conflicting views on what to eat and what not to eat, things can get a little confusing for a pregnant woman. A good doctor, such as the ones at KIMS Cuddles, will help you eat right and healthy throughout your pregnancy. What to eat when you’re pregnant? It is common for women during pregnancy to take special care when it comes to their diets. Many believe that eating specific foods will ensure optimal pregnancy outcome. However, the truth is that there are no specific foods that will guarantee better health of the mother and child. All you need is a well-balanced, nutritious diet. Myths about Pregnancy There is so much information available everywhere regarding food that it may be difficult to distinguish myth from fact. Knowing about them can help you take an informed decision about what to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy. Here are some of the most widely held, but untrue beliefs about pregnancy and food. Fish should be completely avoided due to mercury Contrary to what you may have heard or believed about eliminating fish during pregnancy, the benefits of eating fish are considered much greater than any potential risks while pregnant. Fish is rich in essential nutrients such as protein, DHA/EPA (omega-3 fats), vitamin D, choline and minerals such as iodine, iron, zinc, copper and selenium, all of which are advantageous for women planning to become pregnant, and even those who are already pregnant. What you need to be cautious about are the types, amounts, and preparation of fish. Also avoid eating raw fish as this may increase the risk of food-borne illness, which may be particularly dangerous. Eat for two when you’re pregnant The old adage “eating for two” isn’t necessarily true for all women who are pregnant. While nutrient needs do increase, women need not eat twice their usual caloric intake, unless so advised by a doctor. Excessive weight gain can increase the chances of a high birth weight baby, which may be associated with delivery and health complications for both mom and baby. Pregnant women should instead focus on listening to their body and eating twice as healthy, rather than twice as much. When hungry, add in a few healthy small snacks between meals. By doing so, you’ll likely be getting enough for your needs. Caffeine should be complete avoided There is some truth to this myth. Excessive amount of caffeine is not good for you or your baby. Studies have shown that consuming too much caffeine could increase the risk of low birth weight infants, stillbirth, and miscarriages. If you’re typically a heavy coffee, strong tea or caffeinated soda drinker, it’s best to limit your intake to less than 300mg per day. This works out to two cups of coffee or four cups of tea, if you are thinking of becoming pregnant or already pregnant. This risk is due to the fact that caffeine passes through the placenta to the fetus, impacting its development. Therefore, consider non-caffeinated drinks, 100% juice, or milk etc. You can also consider decaffeinated versions of tea and coffee to satisfy your cravings. You should eat only organic food Many moms worry about eating non-organic vegetable, for the fear of ingesting chemicals, fertilisers, and pesticides that could potentially harm the developing foetus. Some studies have linked organic vegetable consumption during pregnancy to lower incidences of complications. Well-wishers may also advice pregnant women to eat organic food to have a healthy pregnancy. However, since studies are inconclusive about the benefits of eating organic vs non-organic food, pregnant women should not feel pressured to exclusively eat organic foods. It is important to wash your fruits and veggies thoroughly before eating – whether they are organic or not. Focus on meeting your dietary requirements in general and aim to eat at least 4 servings of veggies and 2-4 servings of fruit each day, regardless of how they’re grown. Full Cream milk is more nutritious than low-fat milk If you’ve been advised to drink only full cream milk during pregnancy, make sure you check with your doctor about the same. Low-fat milk and skim milk both contain the same important nutrients namely calcium, phosphorous and protein, as full cream milk. The calories and fat content in full-cream milk are much greater than the others. Hence, most doctors recommend low-fat milk for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. Cooling foods must be avoided due to risk of miscarriage Many people may advise you to avoid eating foods such as papaya, pineapple and citrus fruits etc. as they may harm the baby. However, there is no documented case of miscarriage from eating these foods. There is also no scientific evidence that you should avoid eating “cooling” foods when you’re pregnant. If you have any doubt about the foods to avoid during pregnancy, ask your doctor at KIMS Cuddles to help you with the same. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is the best way to obtain optimal nutrition during pregnancy. Avoiding certain foods will reduce baby’s risk of developing allergies Some people believe that avoiding certain foods like eggs, cow’s milk, nuts and wheat during pregnancy will reduce their baby’s risk of developing allergies in the future. However, there is no evidence to support the belief that avoiding these foods will have the desired effect as regards allergies. Similarly, there is no evidence that consuming oranges or citrus fruits during pregnancy will increase your baby’s risk of asthma. Preserved, canned and frozen food should be avoided during pregnancy Generally, it is ideal to eat foods cooked from fresh ingredients for optimum nutrients, flavour and taste. Certain water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin C and folate are lost during the canning process. However, nutrient losses are generally small in the case of frozen foods. You can safely consume preserved, canned and frozen foods during pregnancy, as long as they meet the food safety guidelines. Don’t make them a regular habit and consume them occasionally. What you eat is very essential for your health and that of your growing foetus during pregnancy. If you have any doubts about the diet you should have when you’re expecting, do visit our doctors at KIMS Cuddles who will guide you with all the details and dispel any food related myth that you may have heard.   *Information shared here is for general purpose Please take doctors’ advice before taking any decision.


13 January, 2017

10 Reasons Why You Should Have Healthy Eating Habits During Pregnancy

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During pregnancy, your body is not just your own- it has a baby entirely attached and dependent on it as well. Whatever you do is going to have an impact on the baby. The list starts with healthy eating habits during pregnancy! Here are the reasons why your baby inside your belly might be begging mommy to eat healthy during pregnancy: Your child will pick up your healthy eating habits of pregnancy- for his entire life to comeWeird though it may sound, there are ample number of studies suggesting that babies have a high tendency of picking up their mothers’ pregnancy habits and going with it. And food is no exception.If the fetus “sees” mommy as a responsible adult, who is choosing milk over vodka and cheese sandwich over ice cream, chances are more than good that you’ll find your little baby unsettlingly wise in own breakfast preferences. Healthy eating during pregnancy will keep your baby safe from many birth and developmental defectsThere is plenty of empirical evidence suggesting that children of mothers practicing healthier eating habits during pregnancy are far less likely to develop birth defects, developmental delays, neurological impairments etc. Healthy eating habits during pregnancy mean far more chances of normal deliveryMore and more people are now turning towards normal deliveries over caesarians, and rightly so. Healthier eating habits during pregnancy mean lesser chances of complications, and more chances of normal delivery. Healthy eating habits during pregnancy help you have a happier pregnancySick of morning sickness, leg cramps, pelvic pain or constipation? Not only do healthier eating habits during pregnancy keep such maladies at bay or minimized, but also make it easier for the doctor to give medication for them if they do persist, since your body is healthy enough to withstand extra medicines. Healthier eating habits during pregnancy mean right baby weight at birthAn underweight-at-birth baby is much more susceptible to health complications and developmental disorders than one born with the right weight. And statistics attest to the fact that healthier eating habits during pregnancy by mother have a huge impact on baby’s weight at birth. It’s easier to lose baby fat if you had followed healthy eating habits during pregnancyOne of the gigantic post-pregnancy challenges for a woman, personally, is to lose the baby fat and get back in shape. A healthier diet during pregnancy not only minimizes baby-fat during pregnancy, lessening a couple of pounds for you to lose, but also makes it easier for you to get into the fitness regime post-pregnancy.  More difficult to catch infections if you’re following healthier eating habits during pregnancyInfections are a major health risk during pregnancy- for the life of both mother and baby. But following healthier eating habits during pregnancy drastically reduces chances of catching the infection. Lack of healthier eating habits during pregnancy can lead to DNA-related disorders in the babyCertain nutrients, like folic acid, are essential for the formation of DNA, and the baby is almost entirely dependent on mother for it. Thus, a deficiency of such nutrients can damage the very basic being of your baby, literally speaking, just because you didn’t follow a healthier eating habit during pregnancy!! Your healthier eating habits during pregnancy are going to keep affecting your child well into his old ageEven in the cases of old age diseases like Osteoporosis; it’s seen that people with mothers who had followed proper, healthier eating habits during pregnancy were less susceptible to suffer the worst of these diseases. Healthier eating habits during pregnancy are cheaperIn the overall tenure of nine months of pregnancy, and 12-18 months after, it is cheaper to follow healthier eating habits during pregnancy than let your tongue ace your brains, and later put a hole in your pockets.

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