Linea nigra is a vertical line developed on the belly of moms-to-be during the pregnancy. About 75% of pregnant women observe this dark line after their first trimester. It is quite common and does any harm neither to the mother nor to the baby. Although the main reason behind its appearance is unknown, the line is generally formed by the new pregnancy hormones.

Linea nigra eventually goes away for almost every woman. At first, the line shortens up after delivery and then fades away entirely in a few months. Despite its hurtless nature, there are many myths regarding this long dark line.

Here are some myths and facts about Linea Nigra!


#1. Myth – Linea Nigra suddenly appears during the pregnancy 

Fact: Although the dark line is seen during the pregnancy, Linea Nigra does not appear straight during the pregnancy. There is always a line present on the woman’s belly, which is called “Linea Alba,” which means white line. This line during pregnancy often darkens and is seen as “Linea Nigra” (a black line).


#2. Myth – The length and position of the line determines the gender of the newborn

Fact: Two famous tales say that the Linea Nigra specifies gender. The first one defines that the black line itself means the birth of a young boy. The second signifies that the length of the line, which usually extends to ribs, signifies boy and which is shorter signifies girl. However, both the misconceptions were proven wrong by the scientists.

The chances of gender are oddly equal irrespective of the length or appearance of the line.


#3. Myth – These belly lines are stubborn and do not go away

Fact: Although the Linea Nigra is thick when compared to any other belly lines, it is not a stubborn mark that lasts long. It usually fades after childbirth and does not require any extra attention to remove it. Your doctor will suggest the best methods if you need any additional support after delivery if they persist in staying.


#4. Myth – Applying bleaching creams during pregnancy for the removal of Linea Nigra

Fact: The bleaching creams contain high amounts of hydroquinone. These creams cause serious birth ailments, dark gray spots on newborns, and skin cancer issues when used during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Their usage does no good to you and instead adds on the extra burden to your health care.

Linea Nigra is a purely natural pregnancy phenomenon and can never be experienced if not for pregnancy. Hence savor the moments! However, if you feel obliged and want to minimize the effect, you can indulge high amounts of folic acid and proteins into your diet. Avoiding the sun to a greater extent will also help you in this.


*Information shared here is for general purpose. Please take doctors’ advice before taking any decision.

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