hospital bag before you head for delivery

Mothers who’ve crossed the 36-week mark during pregnancy should start preparing for their delivery. Many people advise keeping a hospital bag ready and stashed away within reach for the time you need to rush for labor. However, no one exactly mentions what to pack in your hospital bag before you head for delivery.

Here are some things that you might need if you’re delivering in any Indian hospital:

For Moms:

  • Copies of your medical records – These are the most important documents that you’ll need. Ensure that you put your medical records and files in your maternity bag as soon as you come back from your last antenatal check-up.
  • Loose clothing such as maternity gowns or nighties – Even though your hospital will provide you with a gown, make sure you keep some extra pairs in case you need to change. Get one to change into, post-delivery.
  • Socks and light sweaters – Hospitals are generally cold due to the air conditioners running everywhere. Wear light sweaters and socks to stay warm and comfortable inside the hospital as you go into labor.
  • Lotions and lip balms – Moisturizing lotions and lip balms are extremely useful to pack in your hospital bag. Your skin and lips might get very dry during labor and continue even after delivery. These will keep your skin and lips nourished.
  • Snacks and drinks – Check with your hospital about what kind of snacks and drinks are permitted to be carried in your bag.
  • Hairbands – You might need your hair to be tied or pulled back while you’re in labor. Hairbands can help keep your hair out of the way.
  • Music – While in labor, relaxation is very important. Get your favorite music that can help you ease the stress and concentrate on childbirth.
  • Slippers – You will need comfortable, light-weight slippers to pace around while you’re waiting for your labor to progress.
  • Sanitary Napkins – Highly absorbent sanitary napkins take care of post-delivery menstruation.
  • Toiletries – Make sure you carry your toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, face wash and anything that you use on a daily basis.


For Baby

  • Clothes to take the baby back home in
  • Clothes to change the baby into while in the hospital
  • Baby caps or bonnets
  • Baby blankets
  • Diapers, if you plan on using them
  • Wipes


You can also bring other miscellaneous items in your hospital bag before you head for delivery. These aren’t that essential, but good to keep if you might need them:

  • Breast pump, if you plan to use one
  • Camera, video recorders, and chargers
  • Change of clothes and other essentials for your spouse or anyone who plans to stay with you in the hospital.


If you’ve chosen to get your baby delivered at KIMS Cuddles, make sure you ask us what is permitted and required in your hospital bag before you head for delivery.

*The opinions expressed in this article are not to be substituted for medical advice under any circumstance


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