pregnancy tips for dads

When a woman is expecting, so is her partner! Pregnancy isn’t just about the mother-to-be. Fathers also get to play an important role in supporting their partners. If your better half is carrying a child, she is likely to go through several emotions. With these pregnancy tips for dads, know how you can prepare yourself to help her (and yourself) during pregnancy:

  1. Stay Positive

Your partner is going through plenty of emotions – thanks to the changing hormones. Sometimes, it can get difficult to deal with the changing body. Make sure you try to be a positive influence on your partner. Remind her that she’s beautiful and take out time for her. Go on dates and movies.


  1. Go for Prenatal Visits

A pregnant woman has to go for several check-ups throughout her pregnancy. Make sure you make it to as many doctor visits as possible. Asking relevant questions, listening to baby’s heartbeat and identifying body parts during ultrasound – all these will make you feel more involved, and make her feel more relaxed.


  1. Exercise with her

Women need to walk and do light exercises during pregnancy. This helps them to strengthen their body and prepare for delivery. Accompanying your partner during her walks, swimming, or yoga sessions can help her stay motivated.


  1. Go to Classes

There are plenty of classes for expectant parents. These help in preparing the parents for the birth and beyond. You can attend childbirth classes with the mother-to-be so you’ll know what to expect when the big day arrives. You can also go for post-delivery classes once the baby is born.


  1. Read up

There are plenty of books on parenting that you may find useful around different stages of pregnancy. Staying informed will help you understand your partner’s pregnancy needs better. You can also read up online. KIMS Cuddles also has an informative blog about various aspects of pregnancy.


  1. Maintain healthy eating habits

A pregnant mother’s diet is vital for the development of the baby. When others around her eat unhealthy food, she might get tempted to join. In order to avoid this, it is important for the entire family to adopt healthy eating habits.


  1. Learn to care for the baby

Once the baby arrives, both parents are equally responsible for its care and comfort.  Some dads shy away from baby duties because they don’t feel confident enough. You can start with simple things like learning to hold and feed it, to bathe it and change its diapers. The more you try to communicate and comfort the baby, the more confident you’ll grow.


  1. Help out around the house

Mothers suffer from a lot of fatigue during and after pregnancy. They might easily get tired doing routine chores around the house. By helping her do small household things like buying the grocery, doing the laundry or by even taking out the garbage, you can make a big difference.


As an expectant parent, you might have several questions about your partner’s health. Our blogsjust like this post about pregnancy tips for dads- may help answer some of these questions in detail.  At KIMS Cuddles, we strive to simplify pregnancy and provide all the support that you may need.


The opinions presented in this article are not to be substituted for medical advice under any circumstance

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