15 November, 2020

Know everything about Still Births, precautions and care

Stillbirth is the sudden death of a growing fetus in the womb after week 20 of the mother’s pregnancy. The reasons go unexplained for almost one-third of the cases. However, the other two-third may be caused by problems with the placenta or umbilical cord, high blood pressure, infections, congenital disabilities, or poor lifestyle choices.

Rarely, the baby may die during the time of labour. Although prenatal care of pregnancy has considerably improved over the years, the reality is stillbirths still happen and often go unexplained. As per the National Health Policy, IMR of the country was 33 per 1,000 births and is highest when compared to other nations. 

What Needs To Be Done? 

The causes of stillbirths are, at times unknown. A stillbirth occurs in families irrespective of ethnicities, races, and to the women of all ages. But there are necessities that a woman can do before and during pregnancy to lower the risk of infant loss:

  1. Monitor the baby’s pattern of movements. These movements help us recognise if they become unwell, indeed.
  2. Active or passive smoking has a tremendous effect on stillbirths. Quitting or tarrying away from the smoke during the first trimester itself has shown promising improvements in pregnancy care. 
  3. Always prefer to sleep on side during the third trimester of pregnancy. This includes, day time naps and regular night sleeps. 

Key Moments to Understand Baby Movements 

There are some key elements to remember about a baby’s progress:

  • Babies DO NOT move less towards the end of the pregnancy. It is a misconception to avoid. 
  • Never use any hand-held monitors, or phone apps to check your baby’s heartbeat. 
  • You’ll feel the movements of your baby until you go into labour, and throughout your labour as well.

Role of Prenatal and Antenatal care 

Prenatal and antenatal care plays a vital role in recognising, treating and preventing pregnancy care. They tremendously help you in keeping an eye on the baby’s growth and improvements. These visits also play an essential role in recognising the emergency pregnancy conditions like pre-eclampsia and urinary tract infections which cause adverse effects on the baby.

*Information shared here is for general purpose. Please take doctors’ advice before making any decision.


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04 January, 2022

What are the Signs of a Sick Baby? The Symptoms of Conditions That Require Neonatal Treatment.

You may be filled with energy and enthusiasm while bringing your baby home from the hospital. However, having a newborn and taking care of him or her in the initial few months can be a stressful and daunting task. One of the major reasons behind worrying is that the baby may get sick often. But how will you know when your newborn gets sick? Since initially, you do not know the normal behavior of your infant, identifying the newborn signs or newborn symptoms can be difficult. Generally, the newborn signs can be subtle even when the infant is suffering from a serious illness. Since the immune system of the infants is not so strong, you must identify the newborn signs and symptoms and evade any infections. Here’s a guide that will help you to know the newborn symptoms and conditions that require neonatal treatment in your infant. Newborn symptoms that may require neonatal treatment. Differentiation between the normal and abnormal conditions in newborns is crucial.  You should watch out for any of the newborn signs that require neonatal treatment and call your doctor when necessary. So here’s a glance at some of the newborn signs that will help you to evade any infection in your infant. Abdominal distention. Generally, the abdomen of a baby feels soft between feedings. However, if you
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13 October, 2021

Fever In Newborn

Normal body temperature is 98.6 F or 37 C (+/- 0.5 C). Any body temperature greater than 99.5 F or 37. 5 C is termed as fever in newborns. Fever is the body’s defense mechanism that helps to fight infection or inflammation. How to measure fever: By using a digital thermometer in the axilla (armpit) or with the help of an infrared thermometer which measures the skin temperature (usually measured from the forehead) Causes of fever:  Dehydration (due to poor feeding) Hot environment or proximity to sunlight Wrapping the baby in too many clothes Infection Postvaccination Maternal fever at the time of delivery Symptoms: The baby may be irritable, appear flushed, have either fast breathing or decreased breathing efforts, have dull activity, abnormal tone, and decreased intake of feeds Untreated fever or infection may lead to seizures and has increased risk of mortality.  What to do when your baby has fever: First unwrap the baby and keep the baby in a normal environment (25-28 C). Try to give breastfeed/expressed breast milk as spoon feed to the baby. Recheck the temperature after 20-30 minutes.  If baby’s temperature
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23 November, 2021

Newborn Sleep

Newborn Sleep  Sleep patterns in newborn babies is different from that of children in that they usually sleep for most of the time in a day. Often this will be hard for the new parents to know what normal sleep pattern of their newborn baby is and how long a baby will sleep. How are sleep patterns in newborn? Newborn baby sleep for most of the time in a 24hour period and wakes up in between for feeding every few hours. There will not be any fixed schedule for the newborn sleep and their day and nights are little confusing. Most of the newborn babies sleep for about 16 to 18hours duration in a 24hour period. They sleep mostly in the day time and will be awake during night time. This could be probably due to sleep pattern during the stay in their mother’s womb. They usually start to learn the day and night rhythm by about 6 to 8weeks of age. But the sleep patterns can vary and some babies may not sleep during night time through their initial few months. Newborn baby will wake up for feeds atleast once in every 2 to 3 hours. Parents need to closely watch for the changes that happen in
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