infertility myths

Infertility is a condition of the reproductive system that prevents pregnancy. It affects around 15-20% of the couples worldwide and is an often misunderstood condition. Here are 7 most common infertility myths :


Myth # 1: Infertility is caused due to problems with female reproductive system

Fact: People generally think that if a couple is facing infertility, there must be a problem with the female reproductive system. The truth is, only 35% of all infertility cases are caused due to female factors. Around 35% results from factors in male reproductive system, 20% come from both and 10% is due to unknown factors.


Myth #2: Women don’t start losing their fertility until their late 30s or early 40s.

Fact: A report in the journal Human Reproduction states that fertility in women starts declining at age 27. However, most women at this age can still get pregnant but may require more months of trying. By the time a woman a woman reaches the age of 35, her chances of getting pregnant are down to about half as compared to what they were between the ages of 19 and 26.


Myth # 3: A man’s fertility doesn’t change with age

Fact: It is true that some men can father children well into their 50’s or 60’s or even their 70’s, but male fertility isn’t age-proof. The fertility in men sees a decline in their 40’s. Also, children born to older men have been found to be at an increased risk of being born with health conditions like autism etc.


Myth # 4: If you already have a child, you will never face infertility

Fact: When a couple has had a child, they assume that they can easily have another. However, data shows that approximately 30 percent of infertility happens after the first child. This is known as Secondary Infertility and means that if a couple already has a child or children, they can still experience difficulty in getting pregnant again.


Myth # 5: Infertility means you can never have a child

Fact: When a couple is unable to have a child naturally after a year of trying (or 6 months if they’re over the age of 35), it is known as infertility. It does not mean a couple can never have a child. A majority of people with infertility go on to have children with the proper treatment. If you suffer from infertility, our doctors at KIMS Cuddles can suggest the right course of treatment for you.


Myth # 6: Infertility diagnosis is costly and can take months

Fact: The diagnosis of infertility requires very few tests for both males and females. Usually, the tests include evaluation of ovulatory status, uterine and tubal status in the female, and semen analysis for the male. They’re not expensive and are often completed within a month. Meet our fertility experts at KIMS Cuddles to know more about these tests.


Myth #7: Infertility treatment is expensive

Fact: There are several infertility treatments available and your doctor can suggest the most appropriate one depending on your history, diagnosis and goals. Some treatments are inexpensive while other, more intensive treatments may be costly at the start but will save money in the long run.

Infertility is a complex medical condition. Our doctors at KIMS Cuddles can help clear all your doubts and dispel infertility myths. Book your appointment today!

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