superfoods for pregnant women

Pregnancy is an extremely nutritionally demanding time during a woman’s life. During this time, your intake of nutrients from foods and supplements are needed not only to keep your body running, but also to nourish and support your growing baby. Proper nutrition is essential at all stages of fetal development. To ensure this, here are 10 superfoods for pregnant women that you must eat while you’re pregnant:

  1. Almonds

In the list of superfoods for pregnant women, almonds are one superfood that you must include in your daily diet during pregnancy. A quarter cup of these amazing nuts can deliver more than a third of your daily dose of vitamin E, which is essential for baby’s brain development. They are also rich in protein and can keep you feeling full for longer.


  1. Bananas

These potassium-rich super snacks contain about 10 percent of your daily mineral requirement and can help you avoid pregnancy-related hypertension. A study by George Washington University found that keeping your blood pressure under control during pregnancy can reduce your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, later on in life.


  1. Lentils

Consuming half a cup of legumes can provide for almost 25 percent of your daily folic acid requirements. This nutrient occurs naturally in lentils and it is advisable to eat them at least twice a week. You can try eating lentil soup, add them to salads, or serve them as a side dish.


  1. Salmon

Salmon is rich in DHA, a powerful omega-3 fatty acid. It is said that getting 300 milligrams of omega-3 per day may prevent preterm labor, preeclampsia and postpartum depression. It also helps develop baby’s brain, central nervous system, and eyes.


  1. Yogurt

Calcium is essential for your baby’s development while you’re pregnant. If your baby doesn’t get enough calcium from the food you eat, he’ll take it from your bones instead. One cup of plain yogurt provides you with 30 percent of your daily calcium requirement. This is why it is recommended to eat yogurt every day for the overall good health of the mother and the baby.


  1. Dried Apricots

Apricots are a good source of iron. These easy to snack options can fulfill 10% of your daily iron requirement. They are also a good source of folic acid, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Many women complain of constipation during pregnancy. Dried apricots can help keep your bowel clean and relieve symptoms of constipation.


  1. Fortified Cereal

A majority of women find it difficult to get the recommended 27 milligrams of iron daily. A bowl of fortified cereals contains more iron than a serving of spinach. Iron is essential for ensuring a healthy birth weight and keeping the mother’s energy levels up. According to some studies, this mineral can also lower your yet-to-be-born baby’s risk of autism.


  1. Tofu

If you’re a vegetarian, Tofu is an excellent source of protein. It is also rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A and vitamin K, which are essential for normal blood clotting, particularly after the birth.


  1. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are extremely important during the first trimester when cell division occurs. They are rich in vitamin A and can deliver more than 400 percent of your daily requirement. They are also high in fiber and complex carbs that ensure you are feeling energized and full.


  1. Broccoli

Broccoli contains plenty of calcium, folic acid, and magnesium, which is essential for bone development. In order to preserve the nutrients, it is recommended that you steam the broccoli rather than boil it before consuming.

These are some of the superfoods for pregnant women, that you must stock up on when you’re pregnant. Talk to our team of experts at KIMS Cuddles to know more about what you must include in your pregnancy diet.

*The opinions expressed in this article are not to be substituted for medical advice under any circumstance


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