Some mothers who are pregnant with twins or multiples say that they knew they were carrying more than one baby from the start. An ultrasound is the surest way of knowing whether you’re carrying twins, but there may be several signs and symptoms to indicate the same.

That said, it is exciting to wonder if certain signs are clues that you’re carrying more than one baby. Here are a few potential hints:

  1. Elevated hCG levels

It may be difficult to distinguish a single pregnancy from multiples, based on a urine pregnancy test. However, a very early positive pregnancy test might indicate twins. At-home pregnancy tests simply measure whether or not a minimum amount of hCG is present. They do not predict the amount, which a blood pregnancy test can do. Regardless, elevated hCG in pregnancy may be one of the indicators but not always mean you have twin pregnancy.


  1. Doppler Heartbeat Count

A Doppler system amplifies fetal heart sounds using harmless sound waves. Your doctor may be able to detect more than one heartbeat late in first trimester, indicating a multiple pregnancy. Listening to a baby’s heartbeat early on in pregnancy may be misleading, and may actually be the same baby’s heartbeat heard from another angle. However, it sure is exciting to think about the possibility of twins.


  1. More Morning Sickness

There is an old wives’ tale that goes “Twice as sick, three times as tired, and four times the weight gain.” Statistically speaking, moms of multiple experience more morning sickness, but it doesn’t mean that every mom with severe morning sickness is carrying twins. Sometimes, moms of twins may not experience any morning sickness. A potential sign is that women carrying multiples may begin having nausea quite early, even before a pregnancy test turns positive. However, this is simply an observation and not a scientific fact.


  1. Measuring large for Gestational Age

Carrying two or more babies is surely going to have an impact on the woman’s body. The moms of twins are likely to gain more weight and their uterus will also stretch and expand to accommodate the extra baby. Doctors usually monitor weight gain and fundal height during routine checkup. An excess of any of these may indicate multiple pregnancy.


  1. Feeling Fetal Movement Early

Feeling your baby move inside your womb is one of the best feelings during pregnancy. Women can usually feel this sensation about midway through the pregnancy, between 16 and 25 weeks. Although not scientifically verified, moms of twins have reported feeling movement earlier and more frequently in pregnancy, than those with singletons. So if you’re feeling early or frequent movement, be sure to mention it to your doctor.

Your gut feeling may also be a strong indicator of twins and multiples. Trust your motherly instinct and tell your doctor about whatever it is that you’re feeling. They’ll conduct an ultrasound to tell if you’re right and give you the appropriate medical attention that is needed for multiple pregnancy. Visit us at KIMS Cuddles to enjoy your pregnancy without any worry.



*Information shared here is for general purpose Please take doctors’ advice before taking any decision.

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