Preconception Health care

With KIMS Cuddles’ preconception health care in Hyderabad, prepare your body for the pregnancy, and make it a truly memorable experience!

Becoming a mother is a blessing which the great Almighty has showered only on women. The feeling of becoming a mother, and bringing a new life into existence, is one which makes the to-be mothers and the blessed mothers smile even in pain. It’s a beautiful experience and a huge responsibility- which nearly every woman wants to go through at least once in her life. So, if you have finally decided to experience motherhood, and board this rollercoaster ride, we are with you, with our preconception health care in Hyderabad. We will help you to take the right steps for your and your baby’s wellbeing.

Preconception care is important for every parent. Our consultants help you maintain a healthy body to conceive and also deliver a baby with good health. We design a plan not only for the mother but also for the father of the baby. It is important for the couple to be in best shape for healthy conceiving, and KIMS Cuddles’ preconception health care in Hyderabad guides you throughout the bumpy ride, our hand in yours!

Since, you have taken the decision of conceiving a baby, our experts have suggested few things which will help you maintain a good health like quit smoking and alcohol, eat healthy food after certain intervals of time and exercise & meditate regularly.

Our Preconception Services


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Preconception Counselling

Our team of experts consult you after diagnosing your situation and prescribe you the best treatment. We understand the sensitivity of this counselling so we ensure complete privacy.

Ovulation Calculator

Our ovulation calculator helps you calculate your best days for you to conceive. It will help you to plan and fulfil your dream of becoming a parent of a beautiful child.

Nutrition & Care

Since you have decided to be a mommy, we help you improve your health and nutrients in your body. We will prepare a balance diet chart and guide you about what to eat and what to avoid.