Children’s Day Celebrations At KIMS Cuddles

November 14, 2017: KIMS Cuddles conducted the event on the occasion of completing 150 births at the hospital.

The theme of the party was ‘Boys in Blue and Girls in Pink’ and different events have been organized.

Following events were organized as part of the Carnival:

  1. Interactive section: Tips for taking care of the new born and mother’s health
  2. Assessment of milestones for below one year babies like
  • Reaches for and grabs objects
  • Moves things from hand to hand
  • Sits without support
  • Starts scooting, creeping or crawling
  • Picks up small objects using thumb and fingers (pincer grasp)
  • Walks holding on to hands or furniture
  • May stand alone
  • May take a few steps alone
  1. Games for babies based on the milestones (Small challenges will be given to babies)
  2. Q&A section between doctors and parents on waht can be thought to kids below 1 year
  3. Healthy baby contest

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Scrapbook making session at KIMS Cuddles

November 11, 2017: You can’t stop children from growing up, but you can preserve their journey as they go from being babies to toddlers, and beyond. We, at KIMS Cuddles, gave several women the opportunity to learn just that. Many pregnant women took part in a Scrapbook making session on 11th November 2017 and creatively engaged themselves in learning to make a beautiful keepsake. Their Saturday was well-spent as they took with them new tips and techniques to create and save happy memories.

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Cookery event for pregnant women at KIMS Cuddles

November 4, 2017: KIMS Cuddles truly believes in the all-round health and wellness of expectant mothers. We understand how pregnancy cravings can make you reach out for unhealthy stuff. To avoid this, we organized a cookery event where nutritionists helped young mothers learn tips to prepare nutritious, lip-smacking dishes.
Over 25 pregnant women took part in this event and went back with an absolutely satiating experience.

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Dr.Shilpi Reddy on Yoga Wellness 

October 25, 2017


Dr.Preeti Sharma on Polio Day

October 24, 2017

KIMS-ManaTelangana-Hyd-Pg8-24-10-2017 KIMS-NavaTelangana-Hyd-Pg7-24-10-2017 KIMS-NavaTelangana-Hyd-Pg1-24-10-2017

New Born Fights Her Way Into The World

October 13, 2017

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KIMS-Telanganatoday-pg2-13-10-2017 KIMS-TheHansIndia-Hyd-Pg3-13-10-2017 KIMS-Vaartha-Hyd-Pg7-13-10-2017

KIMS-NamasteTelangana-Hyd-Pg1-13-10-2017 KIMS-Andhrajyothy-Pg11-13-10-2017 KIMS-Andhrajyothy-Pg11-13-10-2017 KIMS-Eenadu-Pg19-13-10-2017KIMS-Andhraprabha-Hyd-Pg15-13-10-2017KIMS-ManaTelangana-Hyd-Pg16-13-10-2017

KIMS Cuddles Dr. Sharada Devi News Story in Eenadu

September 18, 2017

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Advise On Breastfeeding

July 31, 2017: Dr Preeti Sharma’s inputs on breastfeeding.

Say it as Dr Preeti Sharma’s inputs on breastfeeding.




Mom’s Makeover Session At KIMS Cuddles

July 25, 2017: Mom’s Make over session conducted by Mirrors salon and spa professionals at KIMS Cuddles on Saturday.


Monsoon-Related Illnesses In Kids

July 13, 2017: KIMS Cuddles Doctors advise on how to tackle monsoon related illness in Kids.

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Monsoon-Related Illnesses In Kids

July 8, 2017: KIMS Cuddles Doctors advise on how to tackle monsoon related illness in Kids.


Yoga Day Celebrations

June 22, 2017: Pregnant women along with their husbands celebrated International Yoga Day on Wednesday in a festive mood at our Centre in Kondapur Yesterday.

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