Fetal Care

At KIMS Cuddles, our fetal care in Hyderabad is driven by the goal to ensure the fetal’s well-being, by providing best-quality health care to the expecting mothers during their pregnancy. Our fetal care unit is well equipped, with advanced scanning machines and other types of diagnostic equipment, to diagnose any kind of fetal illness or disorder, if any, in order to ensure quality treatment for the fetal’s illness and the detected (if any) abnormalities.

A number of factors may contribute to complications in a pregnancy. During our assessment of the type of fetal care, we work towards diagnosing and determining the factors which could have caused them, and then we take the decision on how should they be managed and treated.

Our fetal care in Hyderabad for women starts from before the conception and helps them sail through delivery with our comprehensive, high-quality care for high-risk pregnancies, preconception, and genetic counseling, specialized testing and screening and much more.

We have a team of world-class physicians, nurses, and the leading edge technology, combined with our caring and compassionate approach, which together make us the best choice to care for you and your baby.


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Our Fetal Care Services

Advanced Scanning

When your baby is inside your womb, advanced scanning is done to check the well-being of the baby, if she/he does not have any symptoms of disorders or abnormalities.

Fetal Abnormality Diagnosis

Through various ultrasounds and scanning, we check if the foetus is not having abnormalities, if found, we start taking the precautions and preventive measures for higher risks.