09 June, 2020

Ten Quick Tips Regarding Pregnancy Care for first-time moms

Though pregnancy is the best anxious news every woman awaits to hear, it’s a little nervous state for first-time moms. The running thread of thoughts has no end about what is right to do and what is not. Lets cut the thread short. Check these ten important and quick tips regarding pregnancy care for first-time moms.

  1. Keep up your exercise routine

    Exercise does not harm your baby, and all you need to do is check the pattern. Take advice from your doctor to choose the right ones during pregnancy. Nonetheless, do continue the routine with no change. Adding in Kegels might actually help you more in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles support your bladder and give their best during your labor. So keep going!

  2. Educate yourself with the right amounts

    Too much information might confuse you, but knowing the basics is a must. Educate yourself with the needed information only and keep the google off. Your doctor would be your perfect guide and tutor for this. Hence, ask and learn from your doctor or midwife for the essential and to-be-known information.

  3. Stay away from chemicals and toxins

    Staying away from harsh chemicals soothes you from your morning sickness, especially in your first trimester. It is recommended to change the cleaning habits and avoid more chemical involved processes. For example, cleaning up the home and tidying up washrooms with detergents. Besides, avoid heavy lifting and climbing up ladders or stools as well. Put a strict no for such tasks.

  4. Tracking weight gain must be added to your routine

    Tracking your weight helps you understand baby growth during pregnancy. Gaining too little is not a good sign of baby growth, and being overweight again is an issue. Hence, a proper trace is required and can always be discussed with your doctor.

  5. Fruits are the best snacks.

    You would appreciate the growing appetite during pregnancy, but munching on junk is not a good idea. The best way to keep yourself full yet healthy is with fruits. Try mixing them if having one single variety is too boring. MIx and trail!

  6. Follow your doctor’s advice
    From your family to friends, everyone wants you to be safe and happy. So the advice list flows in. However, pregnancy care is vital and is designed to help you through the course. Hence follow your doctor strictly. They would always suggest the best for you!

  7. Hygiene and comfort

    Pregnancy makes the mother more sensitive and vulnerable to infections. Hence, following high hygiene standards to keep away bacteria and germs is necessary. Pick the most comfortable clothes you love to have. The more pleasant you are, the more snuggles the baby inside will feel.

  8. Your body requires more water

    All the required essentials like oxygen, water, and energy for your baby are supplied through your blood. For carrying out all the metabolic activities, more amounts of water are required in your body. Always remember, it’s not just for one but for two.

  9. #9. Do not subdue your cravings.

    Pregnancy cravings will let your emotions calm down, and it is entirely normal to fit in with your cravings. Regardless, little care is required while taking in all. Do check the amounts you are consuming and avoid the toxin-filled ones. It is important to note what kind of food is being carried to your baby.

  10. #10. Never skip your doctor checks

    Prenatal checks and scans play a vital role in your pregnancy care. They allow you to understand the growth of your baby and the necessary measures to follow. The proper vitamin and protein supplements that you require are suggested and given by your doctor.

You can always reach our support team at KIMS cuddles for any queries. Our experts are specialized in designing the best pregnancy care that your baby requires. And we hope you, as a first-time mom, find some useful tips here.

*Information shared here is for general purpose. Please take doctors’ advice before taking any decision.


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10 January, 2022

Newborn Home Checklist for Moms to Be

The arrival of a newborn in your family can be an exciting yet daunting task. Though you may be filled with enthusiasm, the road ahead will be full of various obstacles. So you must be prepared for the new things while you welcome the tiny little human into this world. One of the best ways to prepare for the arrival of a newborn in your family is to concoct a neonatal checklist for mom.  But before creating the newborn checklist for Mom, have you ever thought about what you really need to welcome your newborn into this world? Generally, the new parents require some essential baby care items that are critical to providing proper care. Additionally, certain items are not mandatory but prove to be helpful for taking care of infants. So here’s a newborn checklist for moms that will help you to be a parent like a pro! Get ready to tick off these items from your shopping list! Clothing items In the first year, you need to get clothing items for your infants according to the different seasons. But while purchasing, make sure to get clothes that are specifically meant for infants or newborns of age ‘0-1’. Some of the essential clothing items to incorporate in your neonatal checklist for mom are-
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20 November, 2021

5 easy ways to reduce stress during pregnancy

No matter how happy you are about your pregnancy, stress during the pregnancy phase is unavoidable. Most of the time, it is because of the hormones that play around. But there are a lot of other factors that account to stress. Managing stress during pregnancy is an efficient way to enjoy your pregnancy period.  Knowing the changes and accepting them happening to your body will help you best during this phase. However, know more efficient ways to reduce stress during pregnancy.  Here are the 5 easy ways to reduce stress during pregnancy.  Eat well and sleep well must be a routine  Nothing can replace the best benefits of proper food and sound sleep. Ensure that you follow a balanced diet with all the necessary supplements that your body needs and take enough rest. A night of proper sleep will make your day brighter and keep you comparatively in a cheerful mood. Rest when you are tired. Do not overdo during pregnancy. A perfect routine for food and sleep will ease up your hormones.  Surround yourself with positive energy. Talk to your friends and family. Pregnancy can put you through a lot of thoughts. It will make you think about the least possible negativity. Well, these are the instincts of the mother to safeguard her child. So
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10 November, 2023

5 best ways to avoid premature labour

The average length of a human gestation is 280 days or 40 weeks. The gestation period is usually counted from the first day of woman’s last menstrual period. It’s good and healthier for babies not to be born before they’re due. If the labour starts before 37 weeks of pregnancy, then it is usually called as premature labour. In this case, the baby is not fully grown and is not entirely ready to come into the outside world.In premature labour, the mother is unable to carry her baby for the full 9-month term. There are a number of reasons behind the preterm labour, including traumas, accidents and unpredictable diseases. Although the reasons are not clear, here are the common and best advisable ways to avoid premature labour.Learn what you can do to prevent early labour!  See your health care provider early and regularly during your pregnancy. Prenatal care is designed over the years to minimise the risk and complications of pregnancy. A good health care provider can ensure and plan your pregnancy. Attend all prenatal appointments with your doctor and have all the screening tests to check your health and your baby’s health. Understand the common problems of the pregnancy and check the root causes in case of complications. Understanding the root causes will help you and
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