23 June, 2020

15 Moments to cherish from your pregnancy

Pregnancy is the greatest joy that no mother can express in objective words. Every moment that comes along n-folds the delight that you contain. From the day you noted your confirmation to the long agonizing labor, every instance has a memorable moment to cherish on. Here are the 15 moments every mother needs to cherish during the pregnancy.

  1.  Breaking the news to your husband

    Testing yourself to confirm your doubts is the most anxious moment. Yet, revealing it to your loved husband that your thoughts are true is an enormous joy together. Realizing the fact about being the parents is a moment nothing else can replace.

  2. Having your pregnancy confirmation from a doctor

    No matter how many times you check-in, the final confirmation from the doctor is still remarkable. Holding out the positive report with you is the savor to rejoice. Those words from your doctor would be the most cheerful in the entire world.

  3. No more waiting! Sharing the best news with your beloved

    Happiness is always doubled when you share. Revealing to your parents, family, and friends about your adding family is an extraordinary moment. Your mother would be your best advisor at this point. Especially for first time moms, the experience shared by your own mothers would be so helpful.

  4. Your first scan

    Nonetheless, witnessing a small bean shape forming in your fetus is extremely overwhelming. All the external thoughts pause at the moment you notice your baby developed. You might anxiously study the feature that is being formed in your belly.

  5. Morning sickness

    7 out of every 10 pregnant women experience morning sickness in their first trimester. No matter how much you hate the feeling, those nauseated sensations will not repeat again and again. Hence try to savor it as much as you can!

  6. Realizing that your dresses won’t fit in any longer

    That loose shirt once you hated is not your savior anymore. It would even betray you to fit. Alternating your wardrobe to your growing belly measures is a lot of fun. This would even relax your stress that pregnancy gives you.

  7. Checking on your bump

    Most couples maintain a diary noting down the growing bump. After all, that’s the only time when you don’t complain about your bulging belly and instead cherish it entirely. Checking on the inches every few weeks with your husband is exciting as well.

  8. The first kick

    No one can take away the smile from your face when you feel that first kick of your baby. The bond starts to grow stronger with your baby after these initial kicks. You would also surely cherish the butterflies feeling in your belly.

  9. Witness the magic to your skin and hair

    The positive upshots of your pregnancy are the magic that happens to your skin and hair. You would witness the glow in your hair and gloss to your hair. The thickness and strength of your hair might mesmerize you, so capture the moments with few hairstyles when you get time.

  10. Augmented sense of smell

    You will notice every slight smell around during your pregnancy, which lets you sense everything within your surroundings. This is to keep you safe and away from the things that you or your baby doesn’t like. It is quite normal and hence, enjoy the heightened strengths for a while.

  11. Ultrasounds are the best.
    The second-trimester ultrasounds start to show your growing baby. The most exciting part of your pregnancy is to witness the baby growing inside you and count the little grown fingers and toes. The joy is limitless.

  12. All the plans to invite your baby home 

    No one would deny. Every couple plans an excellent invite for the new little member. You might start checking out the comfortable cushions and nests to cuddle your baby. It’s okay to spend some time over it, but don’t imagine and plan too much. After all, they require most is your love!

  13. Writing it out

    The swirl of emotions might be too complicated to explain. Your heart might race with all different emotions, which cannot be thrown out in words to share with people around you. Do not panic; pen them down! Those moments can be your extra adorable memories in the future.

  14. Get naughty; no one would ever stop you.

    Pregnancy is the best time you can be as naughty as ever and push it whole on your hormones. No one would ever complain. You can ask extra attention from your partner as well and strengthen your bond before you lose the entire precious lonely time. Yes, the baby is just around!

  15. Labor pains

    With each growing contraction, the pain tends to increase, and panic starts to whirl in. Do not worry; with each agonizing second, you are a step ahead to meet your baby. Hang on a little! You would never forget these moments of labor in your entire life.
    The 38 weeks of your pregnancy are irreplaceable, and every moment is special to remember and recollect. Yet, the above mentioned 15 are the mesmerizing moments you shouldn’t let go during your pregnancy.

*Information shared here is for general purpose. Please take doctors’ advice before making any decision.


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20 November, 2021

5 easy ways to reduce stress during pregnancy

No matter how happy you are about your pregnancy, stress during the pregnancy phase is unavoidable. Most of the time, it is because of the hormones that play around. But there are a lot of other factors that account to stress. Managing stress during pregnancy is an efficient way to enjoy your pregnancy period.  Knowing the changes and accepting them happening to your body will help you best during this phase. However, know more efficient ways to reduce stress during pregnancy.  Here are the 5 easy ways to reduce stress during pregnancy.  Eat well and sleep well must be a routine  Nothing can replace the best benefits of proper food and sound sleep. Ensure that you follow a balanced diet with all the necessary supplements that your body needs and take enough rest. A night of proper sleep will make your day brighter and keep you comparatively in a cheerful mood. Rest when you are tired. Do not overdo during pregnancy. A perfect routine for food and sleep will ease up your hormones.  Surround yourself with positive energy. Talk to your friends and family. Pregnancy can put you through a lot of thoughts. It will make you think about the least possible negativity. Well, these are the instincts of the mother to safeguard her child. So
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10 November, 2023

5 best ways to avoid premature labour

The average length of a human gestation is 280 days or 40 weeks. The gestation period is usually counted from the first day of woman’s last menstrual period. It’s good and healthier for babies not to be born before they’re due. If the labour starts before 37 weeks of pregnancy, then it is usually called as premature labour. In this case, the baby is not fully grown and is not entirely ready to come into the outside world.In premature labour, the mother is unable to carry her baby for the full 9-month term. There are a number of reasons behind the preterm labour, including traumas, accidents and unpredictable diseases. Although the reasons are not clear, here are the common and best advisable ways to avoid premature labour.Learn what you can do to prevent early labour!  See your health care provider early and regularly during your pregnancy. Prenatal care is designed over the years to minimise the risk and complications of pregnancy. A good health care provider can ensure and plan your pregnancy. Attend all prenatal appointments with your doctor and have all the screening tests to check your health and your baby’s health. Understand the common problems of the pregnancy and check the root causes in case of complications. Understanding the root causes will help you and
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25 October, 2021

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Pain Pelvic pain is pain in the lower part of the abdomen and pelvis. It can stem from multiple causes. Pelvic pain arises from the conditions associated with reproductive, urinary or digestive systems, or from muscles and ligaments in the pelvis. Pelvic pain can be due to irritation of nerves in the pelvis. Chronic pelvic pain is constant or intermittent pelvic pain for six months or more. Pelvic pain may spread to lower back, buttocks or thighs. Pelvic pain can also be situational, such as while using the bathroom or have sex. Causes More than one condition can lead to Pelvic pain. Common causes of acute pelvic pain Ovarian cyst– it is fluid-filled bubble arising from an ovary and causes pelvic pain when it ruptures or becomes twisted Acute pelvic inflammatory disease– a bacterial infection of the reproductive organs, which often follows a chlamydia or gonorrhoea infection and needs immediate treatment with Antibiotics. Ectopic Pregnancy (or other pregnancy-related conditions) Miscarriage or intrauterine fetal death Menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea) Mittelschmerz (ovulation pain) Appendicitis â€“ a painful swelling of the appendix which usually causes pain on the lower right-hand side of your abdomen Peritonitis– inflammation of the peritoneum; it causes sudden abdominal pain that gradually becomes more severe and requires emergency treatment Urinary tract infection – it will cause pain or a burning sensation while urination Kidney stones Constipation or
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