At KIMS Cuddles, we strive to make the precious moments of a mother
even more memorable and cherishing.


We recognize that every person is important, and hence deserves the best care possible. Our approach towards patient is to provide comprehensive care with an aim to heal.


We will go the extra mile to help both patients and their loved ones, feel completely at ease through courteous interactions at every stage. We will provide you a homely atmosphere.


We are fully capable of diagnosing and treating any medical problem effectively with the use of advanced technology, techniques and processes. We are confident. Trust us!


We will be true to the trust that is placed on us. We will be faithful in following every procedure and principle with our primary focus on always doing what is best for the patient.


To continuous learning and to find better methods of prevention and cure by undertaking, supporting and commissioning research, in various medical and paramedical fields.


Ensuring that we give back significantly to the society we live in through education, through planned charity and the support of local initiatives for better health.

Who we are?

Bringing a new life into existence is one of the most precious moments of any parent’s life. At KIMS Cuddles, we strive to make those precious moments of a mother even more memorable and cherishing. Our expert team of gynecologist, pediatricians, surgeons, obstetricians, etc. not only understand what these moments mean to the parents, but also make every possible effort to make this new journey even more healthy and happy.
Whether you want to be a mother or soon going to be a mother or already a mother, our team is here to provide you with the healthiest solution for you and your baby. The health of a mother is the most important factor which affects the health of a baby and health of a baby is what decides the happiness of a mother.

We ensure the health and happiness of both through our efforts and services planned specifically just for you and your baby’s needs. We also understand that not everyone of us is blessed with the proper health required for becoming a mother, but we also believe that if the right action is taken at the right moment, the condition can be improvised. We mean it when we say that our experts work out every possible way to make the journey of motherhood a special one even if it is very challenging for you.


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From Preconception to Fetal care, our experts are there by your side to help you advise before conceiving and support you during the nine months of pregnancy and thereafter.


Our gynecology center provides patients with rapid access to leading consultant gynecologists supported by onsite diagnostics to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions.


At KIMS Cuddles, we have expert pediatricians who have years of exprience in healing children in the best possible way. We have internationally renowned experts.


Fertility is defined as the natural ability to give birth to an offspring or a baby. We provide services for most of the infertility treatment techniques like sperm retrieval, IUI – Donor etc.

Full Term 9 Month Care

Experience KIMS Cuddles world-class holistic care, packaged just for you.Our skilled experts ensure that your journey from an expecting mother to a mother is a comfortable one.

Fetal Care

At KIMS Cuddles, the goal of the Fetal medicine is to ensure the Fetal well-being by providing quality care to the expecting mothers during their pregnancy.


At KIMS Cuddles, we have designed optimized immunization schedule for babies which helps in the immunization of their body while they develop. Use our immunization scheduler.

Diet & Nutrition

We know the most wonderful experience in a woman’s life is during those 40 glorious weeks where she leaves no stone unturned to bring a healthy child into the world.