Pregnancy is a time of great joy as well as anxiety, especially for a first time mom. There are so many emotions that the growing life may evoke in your belly. From morning sickness, insomnia, to the long, agonizing wait of labor, those 9 months of pregnancy are all worth it in the end. Here are 5 things that you can feel only during pregnancy:


  1. Loosening of Joints

Becoming a mom will give you some very strange feelings, one of which is loosening of joints. This is often noticed in late pregnancy, when labor and birth are getting nearer. Walking may feel different, or things may just feel a bit odd, or just loose. This is due to the hormone relaxin that helps open up the female body for baby’s birth. It can affect other joints besides the pelvis, leading to a different, wobbly sensation.


  1. Dry Eyes

Dry eyes during pregnancy is thought to be related to hormonal changes. You may also experience a temporary change in your vision and may think you need to head to your optometrist. However, more often than not, this change is not permanent and will go back to normal once you deliver your baby.


  1. Painful Breasts

The pregnancy hormones may immediately make the changes to the breast noticeable. However, the most noticeable and persistent one of them all may be painful, achy and sore breasts. Comfortable and supportive bras may be the answer to this. Some women choose to wear these bras all the time, even during pregnancy.


  1. Heightened Sense of Smell

Pregnancy may make you even more sensitive to smell. There may be some odors that you can sniff out from a mile away, and may even be repulsed to the point of gagging or vomiting when you smell foods or other odors that you don’t currently like. This is completely normal during pregnancy. It is believed that it may help a mom avoid things that might upset her stomach or those things that may be dangerous for herself or her growing baby.


  1. A Hard Tummy

Contractions can get longer, stronger, and closer together. They are “true labor” and lead to the birth of your child. This may lead to your tummy feeling hard. Some women may experience Braxton-Hicks as a painful tightening of the uterus. Others just wonder, why their abdomen would feel like it was tightening up, then relaxing, tightening up, then relaxing, while they were lying down in bed at night.

These things are mostly experienced by women during their pregnancy. Although they usually don’t have any adverse health implications, it might be a good idea to talk to your doctor if you feel something amiss. Our doctors at KIMS Cuddles will always be around to guide you through your pregnancy.


*Information shared here is for general purpose Please take doctors’ advice before taking any decision.

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