Once a baby enters into this world, he or she needs to be taken care of. The transition of the baby from the womb to the outside world is made smoother with the efficacious services of a neonatal care specialist. A neonatologist or a Neonatal Care Specialist is a physician who provides care for newborns, especially infants that are born prematurely and have different health issues. Due to this, the services of a Neonatal care specialist are hired by different Community hospitals, University Medical centers, and other children’s hospitals.

Now let’s have a peek at the job description and the qualifications or education required to become a Neonatal care specialist.

 Education of a Neonatal care specialist 

What is a Neonatal doctor? A Neonatal doctor or a neonatologist is a physician responsible to maintain the proper nutrition of a newborn. To practice the profession of a neonatal care specialist, you need to acquire a demanding educational path. This means you have to procure your undergraduate degree and then spend four years in a medical school. Once medical school is done, a neonatologist spends another three years in residency in general pediatrics. 

When your education is completed, you need to obtain general certification from the American Board of Paediatrics. This requires you to pass certain education requirements along with the certification exam. Once done, you are ready to practice the different job roles and responsibilities of a neonatologist.

Job description and responsibilities of a neonatal care specialist.

The basic job role and responsibility of a Neonatal care specialist is to ensure that the newborn receives proper nutrition and is taken care of to the best extent. For this, the neonatologist might consult the parents, paediatricians and other healthcare providers of the infant. 

In normal circumstances, most pediatrics have enough experience and education to provide nutrition and care to infants. However, in the cases where a baby is born prematurely or has several other health issues,  the services of a neonatal care specialist are to be hired. These physicians work in Intensive care units and are responsible to diagnose several conditions in the infants after their birth. They are responsible to treat infections, birth defects and breathing problems in premature babies by coordinating with their healthcare providers.

Sometimes when the medical issues of the baby are known in advance, the neonatal care specialist may even be present during labour. Or, he or she may arrive just after birth for a short-term follow up care of the infant before passing the child to the pediatrician.

Working conditions of a neonatologist 

Just like other doctors, the working conditions of a fetal treatment specialist require working for long hours. They may even be called during the weekends and evenings and spend most of the time standing or walking. Additionally, the neonatal care specialists often get emotionally connected with their patients and hence may spend additional time with them.

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