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KIMS Cuddles in Visakhapatnam stands tall as a cornerstone of family healthcare, dedicated to providing specialized services for children and expectant mothers. As the Best Women and Child hospital in Vizag, we take pride in being recognized for our commitment to excellence in pediatrics and maternity care.

Discover the epitome of pediatric care at KIMS Cuddles, acknowledged as one of the best childrens hospitals in Visakhapatnam. Our pediatric facilities are designed to cater to the unique healthcare needs of children, ensuring they receive the highest standard of medical attention in a warm and comforting environment.

KIMS Cuddles is synonymous with excellence in pediatric healthcare, offering multi-speciality and super-speciality services for children in Visakhapatnam. Our pediatric hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and staffed by a team of experienced and certified pediatricians dedicated to the well-being of your child.

Experience the expertise of the best child specialists in Vizag at KIMS Cuddles. Our team of certified pediatricians is committed to providing comprehensive healthcare services, prioritizing the growth and development of your child with personalized and compassionate care.
For expectant mothers, KIMS Cuddles is the go-to destination, recognized as the best pregnancy hospital in Visakhapatnam. Our maternity services are tailored to meet the unique needs of pregnant women, ensuring a supportive and comfortable environment throughout the pregnancy journey.

KIMS Cuddles is celebrated as one of the best maternity hospitals in Visakhapatnam, offering a comprehensive range of services to ensure the well-being of both mother and baby. Our maternity care is delivered by a team of experienced and caring professionals who prioritize the health and happiness of expectant mothers.

At KIMS Cuddles, Visakhapatnam, we understand the significance of family well-being. Our commitment to excellence, combined with a compassionate approach, ensures that your family receives the best possible care. Explore our world-class facilities, meet our experienced healthcare professionals, and entrust us with the health and happiness of your family. Welcome to KIMS Cuddles, where every child and every pregnancy is treated with the utmost care and dedication.


Our obstetrics team is here to support you as your birth & pregnancy journey unfolds. We're available 24/7, 365 & offer a wide range of care options--including antenatal care, delivery, labor & delivery, maternal care & postpartum services


KIMS Cuddles offers a variety of services, including Level IV NICU with highly experienced team of neonatologists, trained nurses to handle critically ill babies and premature babies in a state of the art facility


Our team of dedicated paediatricians and paediatric super specialists are here to provide the highest level of care for your child's health and wellbeing


Discover world-class Gynecology care with our experienced team of experts. Specializing in women's reproductive health and wellbeing, we are committed to providing the best possible care.


We offer a comprehensive suite of prenatal care services to ensure your pregnancy goes smoothly & safely. Our fetal care team provides you with the latest & state of the art infra to provide high quality fetal care.


We offer comprehensive fertility services to help couples on their journey to parenthood. Our fertility specialists are highly qualified & experienced in providing the highest level of care. KIMS Cuddles provides a range of services, including fertility assessment, fertility treatments, IVF & more.


Giving birth to a child may be both wonderful and overwhelming. KIMS Cuddles is by your side, so you no longer have to give in to your fears. KIMS Cuddles is the answer to all of your maternity demands. When you’re feeling anxious, have faith in us. Our knowledgeable & experienced doctors and medical staff walk you through the excellent process of bringing a healthy, gurgling baby into the world.

KIMS Cuddles Hospitals have successfully delivered healthy newborns into the arms of delighted parents around the country for more than eleven years. Being one of the best maternity hospitals in India, we specialize in treating complex patients and managing high-risk pregnancies. KIMS Cuddles Hospital, a Multi-Speciality Hospital is home to some of the country’s best reproductive and infant care specialists.


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KIMS Cuddles (KIMS-ICON Hospital, Campus) Sheela Nagar, BHPV Post, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

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