Full Term Nine Month Care

With KIMS Cuddles’ full-term 9 months’ care in Hyderabad, every step of your pregnancy is going to be as smooth as possible.

So, congratulations! You are going to be a mother soon. Whether it’s your first baby or second, every new pregnancy has its own magical moments and we at KIMS Cuddles- with our full-term 9 months’ care in Hyderabad- provide all the services for the 9-month care of you and your baby. Our services cover each and every health concern- from pre-delivery to the due date and three months post-delivery- and we would be delighted ti be a part of this momentous journey!

The services we offer, in our full-term 9 months’ care in Hyderabad, include prenatal classes, obstetrical ultrasound, birthing, labor delivery suites, emergency care, postnatal class, counseling service, stem cell banking, newborn screenings, and vaccinations. With KIMS Cuddles,  you can get a one-stop solution to address all the needs of expecting mothers during and after the pregnancy.

At KIMS Cuddles, our skilled experts ensure that your journey from an expecting mother to a mother is a comfortable and magical one. Experience KIMS Cuddles world-class holistic care, personalized experience and state of the art facility conveniently- all custom-packaged just for you.

Our Nine Month Care Services


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Pre-Delivery Care

At our centre, we provide you the best pre-delivery care for a comfortable and painless delivery. Our experts help you with changes in your diet and lifestyle.


During your pre-natal period, we diagnose if there are any chances of complication in your pregnancy. Through this we try to treat any illnesses which might occur.


We have state of the art equipment for ultrasounds, advanced screening of the baby. This helps to diagnose issues when in womb. We always thrive for the most advanced mechanism for screenings.