Effective Ways to manage Labor Pain

If you’re about to give birth, you may have heard from your friends and family about their delivery experiences. They may also tell you about things they followed during pregnancy. With so much information overload, it may be hard to separate fact from fiction.

Here are some myths about giving birth that we are debunking today:


  1. Giving birth is really quick

While there may be some cases of quick birth, the truth is that it is normal for labor to take hours and sometimes even days. Labor tends to be shorter with the more babies you have, but it is normal for a first-time mom to be in just the early stages of labor for up to 20 hours or more. It isn’t as quick as they show in the movies.


  1. Epidurals can make the pain go away

Epidurals can work wonders when you are in labor but they don’t always make birthing painless. Know that you may feel some pain from contractions or feel a sense of intense pressure. When you are actually giving birth, you may feel more pain as well as burning in the vaginal area. This is normal.


  1. The pain stops once the baby is delivered

A lot of things can cause pain after you give birth. These include delivering your placenta, having any lacerations or episiotomies repaired, afterbirth pains, going to the bathroom, and sitting in certain positions. While none of these hurt as bad as having a baby, let your doctor know if you need something for the pain.


  1. You’ll know when you’re in labor

A lot of women may be able to differentiate a true labor from a false one. However, sometimes it can be tricky, especially if it’s your first one. This may be the reason why you may even rush to the hospital thinking that your labor has begun. Remember that it won’t always be a false alarm.


  1. Your water always breaks on its own

While this is what happens commonly, sometimes your doctor or midwife will break your bag of waters using something that looks like a crochet hook, rather than wait for your water to break on its own.


  1. It takes only a few pushes for your baby to arrive

Sometimes this is true, but often it is not. Keep in mind that giving birth takes times, and it can be normal for this part of labor to take even longer than we thought. Let your doctor decide if you need to go for a C-section – don’t hasten into asking for one after just a few pushes.

These are some of the common birthing myths that you may hear from your loved ones. To know more, talk to our experts at KIMS Cuddles.


*Information shared here is for general purpose. Please take doctors’ advice before taking any decision.

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