Obstetrics Health Care

Obstetrics is the field of medical study which is mainly concentrated on pregnancy, childbirth, and post-natal care. Since caring for the baby is not an easy task so we at KIMS Cuddles help you make this journey more comfortable and beautiful.

We can categorize the care into two parts- pre-natal care and post-natal care. The pre-natal care is highly important for detecting any complications in the pregnancy, if any. Also, it requires regular doctor visits for screenings, physical examinations and lab tests. The post-natal care includes the care provided to the mother post the delivery. We provide state of the art services for the care of the mother and baby before and after the pregnancy.

All the tests important for the diagnosis during trimesters are performed at our centres in the supervision of a skilled team of obstetricians in Hyderabad. Also, advanced tests are done to ensure if there aren’t any complications which may prove to be harmful for the baby. We also check if the to-be mother is not suffering from any pre-exisitng diseases, diseases which are not related directly to the pregnancy but may prove to be harmful for the pregnancy. Some of these include diabetes mellitus, thyroid, hyper tension, etc.

Our Obstetrics Services


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Pregnancy Care

Our obstetric experts take care of the mother and baby during the pregnancy throughout the trimesters to ensure a healthy delivery. We won’t let you forget any of your check-up and diagnostic tests.

Diagnosis of Pre-existing Diseases

Pre-existing diseases are not directly related to the pregnancy but can cause risk during the pregnancy. We have state of the art facilities for diagnosing and treating them.

Post-natal Care

A few percentage of kids are born pre-term or pre-matured i.e. before the 37 weeks of gestational age. We have a skilled team which takes care of you and your baby after you give birth and become a mother.