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Caring for baby when pregnant is not an easy task. At our maternity hospital in Kondapur, Hyderabad, we help you make it comfortable and beautiful one with our state of the art facilities. Our skilled professionals do an ante-natal check to ensure that your baby is safe from complications and is free from abnormalities. Preventing and treating the potential health issues may reduce the fetal abnormalities, maternal mortality rate and miscarriages.

We examine the full range of challenges in general obstetrics, medical complications, fetal disease, labor and delivery at our maternity hospital in Hyderabad. Conditions that can complicate a pregnancy include high BP, STDs, heart diseases, heredity issues, cancer and diabetes. Our experts have decades of experience on maternity management. They are known to provide in-depth details about every step.

We believe healthier pregnancies mean healthier babies. We offer international standard and beautifully designed suite rooms for expecting mothers and their family members. In our suite rooms, we have designed everything with love and care to provide the feeling of warmth for you and your baby. Be assured of an excellent prenatal care.

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Fetal Care

Our routine check-ups and lab tests have been designed in an efficient way to ensure the diagnosis of the abnormalities on time and prevent the baby and mother from high risks. We provide comprehensive evaluation and diagnostics.

Beautiful Suite Rooms

At KIMS Cuddles, we have beautiful suite rooms which are filled with homely love and warmth to provide you a positive environment. We make sure that time spend with your baby is memorable and comfortable.

Compassionate Care

We understand the value your baby holds in your life, and in this celebration of you becoming a mother, we join your side to multiple the joy the baby brings into your life. We have some unique offerings to help you relax and feel at home.

Compassionate CareDue Date Calculator

Our due date calculator helps you estimate the due date of your delivery. You can just enter the details and view the results. Know about all the developments happening inside your body too. For a better understanding, book an appointment with our doctors.