Yoga plays a vital role during pregnancy and helps in strengthening the pelvic muscles – the important carriers during labour. If you love yoga and have some practice even before, you must definitely continue it during the pregnancy. And if you are new and never experienced yoga before, you can still start yoga during pregnancy. 

Whether you are experienced or not with yoga, there are definitely certain things that you need to know. Your body is already going through excessive pressure and changes. Hence, not all the poses in yoga are safe during pregnancy. You must be aware of the postures that must be avoided during pregnancy. Here are certain yoga poses that must be avoided during pregnancy. 

#1. Excessive twisting or compressing poses 

Twisting your limbs, twirling around your body or compressing the muscles is not a good idea. Excessive pressure on the abdominal region has to be avoided during this period. Doing any strenuous abdominal poses in yoga might decrease the flow of blood towards the abdomen. Thus, lowering compressions will be ideal for you.

#2. Poses lying on your back 

It is a fact that these poses tend to be simpler than many complex ones. But, any yoga pose that requires lying on your back will exert pressure on the inferior vena cava. This increased pressure is not a favourable condition for pregnant women. Thus, doctors suggest you avoid back lying yoga poses. 

#3. Fast-moving or jumping practices 

Yoga, in most cases, is practised at a slow pace. However, some certain poses and practices have fast movements and jumping involved. During pregnancy, jumping and fast-flowing poses will bring the body under a lot of strain. Restorative and grounding poses are helpful at this period because they aid in both fetus growth and the prevention of multiple pregnancy problems.

#4. Complete or half inversion poses 

Half or complete inversion poses are usually practised after having long terms with yoga. Thus, we can say someone with yoga practice is doing them. However, during the period of pregnancy, inversion poses might make you feel nauseous, giddy and restless. Inversion poses, especially during the second or third trimester of pregnancy, can induce intense dizziness and lack of equilibrium. This extreme workout can be dangerous to both you and your unborn child.

#5. On belly or belly down poses 

Although it is not highly risky, you might find yourself uncomfortable with these poses during the pregnancy. As the pregnancy stages proceed further, you might feel even more uncomfortable lying down on your belly or normally. Comfort must be the key while practising yoga, and hence, avoiding on-belly or belly down poses is good. 

It is extremely important for you to talk to your doctor and trainer before setting your pregnancy yoga routine. They will help you pick the most appropriate and relaxing poses that you can adopt during pregnancy. Pay attention to your body’s signals; if any certain posture causes you pain or anxiety, it’s better to stop it.

*Information shared here is for general purpose. Please take doctors’ advice before taking any decision. 

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