When your little one is born, you may notice that he is crying all the time. It may not always be due to some problem. In fact, in the first year of your little one’s life, crying is his primary way of communicating with you. It is his way of expressing his needs and gaining your attention. Your baby may cry if he is hungry, sleepy, cold, dirty or uneasy, or for no reason at all.

In a few weeks of birth, you will be better equipped to understand your baby’s crying cues. This may help you soothe your baby and comfort him for all his needs. Here are some ways to soothe your little one:


  1. Swaddling

Sometimes, all your little one needs is a comfortable swaddle. It provides him with the snug and warm feeling that he experienced in your womb. Try swaddling your baby while sleeping to ensure he is well comforted and cared for.


  1. Sing and Sway

Your baby is used to being comforted by your body’s movement while he is in your womb. Try replicating this by holding your baby in your arms and sway. Sing along or speak to your baby in a soft voice that will help him calm down. You can also play some soothing, calming music on low volume.


  1. Ask Daddy to Step in

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to calm your baby down despite doing everything you can. Don’t be disheartened that you are not able to do much. Maybe all your baby really wants is some daddy love. Ask the father to step in and help soothe your little one. A change of hands is good for both you and your baby. It is also a great opportunity to take a break and relax.


  1. Go out for a Drive

Surprisingly, the steady moving action of a car is very comforting to the baby. It is similar to how the baby felt in your womb. A quick car ride is just what your baby needs to calm down. Make sure you place your baby in a car seat and strap him before you head out for a drive.


  1. Massage and bath

If your baby is crying a lot, try giving him a nice body and head massage to calm him down. Use long strokes to massage your baby. Usually, when babies hit important milestones like learning to sit, crawl or walk, their muscles hurt. A massage followed by a nice warm bath can help him relax and relieve him of these aches.

There are several ways to soothe your baby and you will slowly figure out what works well for your little one. Try and stick to one and avoid changing your methods every 5 minutes. Remember to stay calm while taking care of your baby. If nothing seems to be working, see our doctors at KIMS Cuddles to detect any other underlying problems.


*Information shared here is for general purpose Please take doctors’ advice before taking any decision.

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