enjoy a comfortable winter pregnancy

Winter pregnancy has its pros – like plenty of eating options, increased appetite, and above all, limited or no sweating. However, it isn’t always all fun, as winter can bring its share of certain seasonal hazards. Here are 5 ways to enjoy a comfortable winter pregnancy.


  1. Stay Hydrated

Just because the temperatures are not on the higher side, doesn’t mean you won’t get dehydrated. The winter air can be really dry and if you’re going in and out of rooms with a heater, you may find yourself overheated. Dehydration can lead to lightheadedness and preterm labor. So, remember to drink plenty of water during winters. Make sure to have a couple of more liters per day than you did pre-pregnancy. You can also mix it up by drinking juices or herbal tea a couple of times during the day.


  1. Be Active Indoors

Although walking outdoors is the best form of exercise for pregnant women, it might not be a great idea when it’s chilly outside. Try staying active when you’re indoors. You can join prenatal exercise classes to enjoy physical activity. Yoga is yet another wonderful choice for pregnant women since it helps alleviate back pain and teaches you to control your breathing. Also, remember to ensure that you get enough vitamin D, a lack of sunlight can prevent you from getting this essential nutrient. Ask your doctor about any supplement that you need to take.


  1. Make Hygiene Your Priority

Pregnancy makes women vulnerable to lots of germs and infections. The best way to avoid falling sick is to keep your hands clean and maintain personal hygiene. Remember to wash your hands after coming home from running errands, after meeting someone who’s been unwell, after every bathroom break, and before eating anything. Keep a sanitizer handy for times when there are no wash basins around. Also, winter is a time when flu cases are on the rise. Check with your doctor about getting the influenza vaccine, or any other vaccine that might be beneficial for you during winter.


  1. Layer Up

You might feel cold one moment and hot in the very next, even though it’s winter. This is fairly common during pregnancy. Instead of wearing thick coats, try layering with different clothes so that you can take off or add, as and when needed. Have fun with your clothes and wear different types to stay warm during winter.


  1. Get your Groceries Home Delivered

Pregnancy can make you lose your body’s balance and something as small as grocery shopping can tire you out. There is an increased risk of falling when you carry grocery bags. Avoid this by having groceries delivered from the comfort of your home. Take the time off to catch up on a movie and relax while your grocery and essentials are on their way.

With a little care, pregnancy can be fun during winter. To know more about precautions to take while pregnant in the winter months, talk to our experts at KIMS Cuddles.

Hope this blog about ways to enjoy a comfortable winter pregnancy was helpful to you.


**Information shared here is for general purpose. Please take doctor’s advice before taking any decision.

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