Pregnancy is a phase where you experience a mixture of emotions like stress, anxiety, moody, and frustration. Handling your mental health is as important as managing your physical health for an easy and cheerful pregnancy. Calm and soothing mental conditions will profoundly enhance the growth and development of your baby inside as well. Meditation will play a crucial role in maintaining such relaxing conditions during pregnancy.

Deep breath meditation or Breath Awareness:

Deep breath medication focuses on your breath and the patterns of breathing to observe. It dramatically eases muscle tension, lowers the heart rate, and helps you fall asleep without much effort. You can also put your hand on your bump to feel the rhythmic breathing in the second and third trimesters.

To practice this meditation, lie down with your feet shoulder-width apart. Close your mouth and breathe slowly through the nose.

Concept meditation with an object or thing:

Concept meditation involves visualizing an object, a thing, or a human. It can be a blue sky, sea waves,  a leaf, flower, a crystal, pebble, or your growing baby. Learn to focus on the quietness stimulated by the imagery and meditate and stay focused.

The inner peace you achieve through this will materialize your racing thoughts and help you overcome the anxiety within a few weeks.

Walking meditation with a focus on the breath:

Walking meditation helps calm your restless mind and thoughts. Select a place to walk and concentrate on your breathing and pace without changing any of the conditions. Let the negative thoughts and what-ifs vanish away. This will also help you with labor, as it enables you to focus during delivery by keeping you mobile and active. 

Deep belly meditation:

Deep belly meditation is entirely about recognizing the movements and posture of your belly. You can gently place your hands on the growing bump and cradle the baby. You will feel a warm sensation in your palms that soothe all your running emotions. Breathe in and out slowly and continuously.

If you observe that thought arose in your mind, just allow it to pass!

Progressive muscle relaxation:

Muscle relaxation is an essential technique for delivering your baby during labor. It will greatly help you in mustering up the strength to push the baby. However, mastering this technique takes time and requires good practice.

Lie down on the floor, your bed, or any of the positions that you are comfortable in. Try to tense the muscles to the highest point you can and relax slowly and shortly. Focus on one set of muscles at a time. Keep alternating between the left and right sides over the short duration. You can also start practicing by tensing and releasing from head to toe. You can follow hand, followed by a forearm, and then shoulder, your face, chest, stomach, legs, and finally feet.

Meditation helps you deeply in evolving your inner self and soothes you unconditionally. During pregnancy, all the fusion of emotions you undergo can be tackled with meditation. Your unborn baby can also be benefitted by relaxing along with you!


*Information shared here is for general purpose. Please take doctors’ advice before making any decision.

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