The most auspicious and celebrated part of the year is around. Yes, Diwali is here. Diwali brings in the joy of lights and rejoices to celebrate with your family and friends. This festival of lights and sounds requires special attention from moms-to-be. From the chores of cleaning to cooking special munching bites, an expecting mum should take special care during the festive season. 

Follow the simple tips during Diwali to have a safe and secure celebration around. 


#1. Avoid smoke, pollution and loud sounds.

Diwali is the festival of lights and sounds. However, the excessive pollutants that are released into the air might affect your respiratory tract and cause breathing issues. Try to avoid smoke and pollution caused by burning crackers by settling indoors. Your unborn baby can hear all the sounds that you hear. They tend to move or panic when loud sounds are beamed. Restrain from using loud crackers within your household or stay away from such loud sounds.

#2. Do not wear heavy dresses or materials, go for simple pieces of cotton

Women love to dress up during the festive season. But do not let that disturb your convenience. Pick the elegant and simple dresses to match up your festive look. Go for simple pieces of cotton which can keep you at the comfort and do not catch up fire easily during festive celebrations.

#3. Prevent yourself from skin irritations and stay a bit away from pre-cleaning

Be extremely careful to avoid any kind of burn injuries on the skin. As pregnant women are more vulnerable, they can’t be given strong medications in case of any injury as well. It is better to stay safe than requiring any medications. Also, stay a bit away from pre-cleaning tasks as they involve high chemicals, weight liftings and strenuous work. Instead, take your family support to get the chores done!

#4. Light Diyas carefully
Diwali is all about lighting up Diyas. But be excessively careful while lighting them up. The baby bump usually reduces the visionary range, which might result in burn injuries. Stay away from sparks as well.

#5. Have an emergency kit handy 

An emergency kit at home is necessary at all the time. However, during the festive season, it has higher regard. In case of any mishap, having a kit ready will help you minimise the damage before reaching out to medical support. Immediate help is always necessary! 

Ensure your Diwali is safe and happy for you and your baby. Also, remember this is an excellent chance to interact and bond with your family and friends who can help you cope with building up pregnancy stress. This Diwali bring in the positive energies for the healthy growth of your unborn baby! 


*Information shared here is for general purpose. Please take doctors’ advice before taking any decision.

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