A Baby’s weight during their growth plays a significant role. It helps us track their development and growth. It is like a direct indicator of their healthy upbringing. Then, what if you notice your baby is underweight or losing weight. Do not panic; it is not very dangerous. However, it is still not a great sign to consider. 

It is good to know the reasons behind infant weight loss. We might do some of these on a regular basis without knowing the fact how harmful they are for your kids. Check out these three surprising causes of infant weight loss. 

#1. Bathing the baby soon after feeding

A lot of parents think that a full stomach will keep the baby put during the bath. Maybe, babies might feel drowsy and do not make much noise, but this daily will affect their metabolism. When an infant is fed, the food takes time to digest, just as it does in any adult’s body. Now, bathing the baby cools down the body and slows down the metabolism rate. This causes late digestion, indigestion and gas issues in the tiny ones. 

#2. Having longer gaps between the meals 

You might have already observed how less your little ones consume at a time. Yes, their little stomachs cannot fit in more. But, their growing body requires more food. Thus, we need to feed them more. Long spans of time between meals trigger gas in toddlers. This gas will bloat their stomach for hours, leaving them uncomfortable, which in turn leads to rejection of food. 

#3. Giving liquids or breastfeeds before actual meals 

For babies older than six months, supplying solid food is an important part of nutrition. Giving breastfeeds, water or any liquids before actual meals will occupy their tiny stomachs. Thus, avoid the food that is provided which has more nutritional value. Baby meals must be adequately planned, and you should take some extra care about timing. 

Do not worry about your baby’s weight if you are following the above three measures. If that’s not the case, think of it and monitor your baby’s weight and metabolism levels. Consult a paediatrician or doctor for better tips and tracking measures of your baby’s growth!!

*Information shared here is for general purpose. Please take doctors’ advice before taking any decision. 

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