Women who find it difficult to conceive naturally, often opt for other methods such as Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). It is one of the most effective procedures of artificial insemination in the recent times and helps in getting pregnant faster.
During an IUI, the sperm is inserted and placed in the uterus with a fine catheter for further fertilization of the egg and conception. This process involves placing the sperm quite close to the vicinity of egg so that the chances of interaction between the both are higher. Although it is quite similar from natural ways of reproduction, IUI is still done with human interference using procedure related instruments.


Symptoms of IUI method:

If you want to opt for an IUI method of conception, these are some of the symptoms you are likely to face as close as two weeks:

  1. Implantation Bleeding
    You may experience implantation bleeding that occurs while the embryo implants itself to the walls of the uterus. This bleeding may look exactly like spotting before menstruating. However, implantation bleeding may or may not occur in all cases. This bleeding may occur after two weeks of the procedure and is a completely normal process. You could also be feeling some minor cramping.

  2. Menstrual Delay
    In case of IUI, your menstrual cycle can get delayed as stress and several hormonal changes take a toll on your body. If you do not have your regular periods for the month, it is quite possible that you may have conceived. Meet our doctors at KIMS Cuddles regarding the same. You may continue to experience spotting and cramping even after getting pregnant.
  3. Tender Breasts
    Your breasts tend to feel sensitive, tender and sore soon after you’ve had the IUI procedure. If you continue to feel the same after a delayed period cycle, you should take a pregnancy test to check the status. Sore breasts are a symptom that is experienced even during normal menstrual cycles.

  4. Nausea
    You are likely to experience the same kind of nausea that you would encounter with the morning sickness period of a normal pregnancy. Nausea is caused due to the increasing levels of estrogen hormone which drains your stomach. You will feel nausea any time of the day, with foul smells and odors making you want to throw up. On the other hand, you may not have nausea at all.
  5. Food Cravings and Aversion
    You are likely to develop strange aversion or cravings for certain kinds of food when you’re pregnant via IUI. This is also due to the shifting hormones. Often, certain smells and appearance of foods can make you want to puke. You may also develop a sudden fondness for select foods.

IUI pregnancy symptoms are very similar to that of a normal pregnancy. Making note of these will help you understand what to unexpected after undergoing the IUI process. If you find any unusual symptoms, make sure you see our specialists at KIMS Cuddles to rule out any complications.


*Information shared here is for general purpose Please take doctors’ advice before taking any decision.

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