Signs of Infertility

Whether you’ve been trying to conceive or thinking about doing so in the near future, it might be worth your while to know about fertility issues. It is estimated that nearly 50 million couples worldwide experience infertility. Secondary infertility (which refers to women who have had at least one pregnancy or live birth) is more common than primary infertility (women who have never had a biological child).  Here are 6 Signs of Infertility to look out for:


In Women

  • Irregular Periods

On an average, a women’s menstrual cycle is 28 days long. A few days here and there is considered to be a normal cycle. But when the cycle varies so much that it becomes difficult to even estimate when the next period is likely to arrive, then the woman is most likely experiencing irregular periods. It could be due to hormonal issues, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or both, and can contribute to infertility.


  • Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal fluctuations in women might be an indicator of potential fertility issues. When hormones such as Progesterone, Estrogen, Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Luteinizing Hormone (LH), thyroid hormones, Prolactin etc. are not at correct levels, they can cause irregular menstrual cycle and affect fertility. Talk to the doctors at KIMS Cuddles if you experience skin issues, facial hair growth, rapid hair loss, weight gain or reduced sex drive.


  • Heavy or Painful periods

Almost 5 to 10 percent of women with infertility have heavy periods, which might be due to uterine fibroids. Most women experience cramps during their periods – these are normal and don’t always indicate infertility. However, if there’s serious pain during periods, pain during sex, abnormal vaginal bleeding or rectal pain, it could be an indicator of endometriosis.  So if you have any of these symptoms, consult the doctors at KIMS Cuddles.


In Men

  • Loss of Libido

According to various studies, the male partner is responsible in approximately 40 percent of couples who are unable to conceive. Men who have loss of libido, ejaculation problems or pain, or have swelling or lump in testicle could be suffering from fertility problems. Meet the doctors at KIMS Cuddles to treat these.


  • Drastic Change in facial or body hair

Hormones play an important role in the reproductive function of males too. Changes in hair growth (or texture) are an indicator of hormonal irregularities. Other signs, such as changes in complexion or an outbreak of acne might be caused due to hormonal imbalance and can affect your fertility.


  • Changes in the genital area

Visible signs of change or abnormality in the genital area, such as dilated veins or swelling, might indicate a blockage that could prevent the passage of sperm. Keep a look out for these signs. Also, if the male partner has a current or past issue with testicles or prostate, it might lead to reproductive problems. Meet the doctors at KIMS Cuddles to know in detail about signs of infertility. 


Infertility problems can be treated by experts. Make sure you visit your doctor and seek a treatment that works best for you. Our doctors at KIMS Cuddles ensure that you have a safe, healthy pregnancy.

Hope this blog signs of infertility was helpful to you.


*The opinions expressed in this article are not to be substituted for medical advice under any circumstance


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