Pre Natal Classes

KIMS Cuddles brings you prenatal classes in Hyderabad- for the expecting mom, as well as her partner.

Prenatal classes, or parent-craft classes, are designed to prepare you and your partner for labor and birth.

At KIMS Cuddles’ prenatal classes in Hyderabad, we guide you on what your life with a newborn baby would be like. Our experts conduct workshops on breastfeeding, nutrition, and lifestyle. We also conduct classes for your partner on cooking, behavior, and stem cells- to have a hassle free lifetime experience.

We also look to understand your lifestyle, so that you can make the most out of our prenatal classes in Hyderabad. If you have had a past history of disordered eating, problems with your weight or poor eating habits then, we conduct an assessment to measure your metabolic rate and determine appropriate calorie intake before your pregnancy. We will also help you in restructuring your nutrition intake, and then, depending on your individual nutrition needs, we would recommend appropriate classes for you.

The content of these prenatal classes in Hyderabad varies. While some focus on physical preparation, some other are about the right emotional state for labor and childbirth. We mainly prepare you for developing your baby, caring for your baby and your well being.


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Pre Natal Classes We Offer

Understanding Childbirth

Our experts will prepare for the birth of your newborn. This course is designed to help you understand Do’s and Dont’s of pregnancy, know what is happening inside your body and precautions you must take to deliver a healthy child.

Understanding Signs Of Labor And Preparing For Labor

Labor is a telltale sign that baby is coming. So, it is imperative to prepare for labor as it is much more than just packing your hospital bag. Our expert will tell you what all steps you must take for handling an emergency.

Painless Delivery

With KIMS Cuddles hundreds of women have a painless childbirth every day. With our experts you will get a complete guidance on painless childbirth. We use the best of epidural anaesthesia to help you remain fully conscious as baby is being delivered.

Introduction To Stem Cell

Stem cells are found in human body which have an ability to divide continuously. Our experts will guide you on why using this developmental and regeneration biology is a must not only for your kid but your family as well.

Nutrition During Pregnancy Term Wise

Nutrition for pregnant women is critical for child growth. During gestation proper intake of protein and fluid is a must. Our trainer will help you find the best diet plan as per your lifestyle and phase of your pregnancy.

Lamaze Classes

Lamaze teaches expecting parents healthy birth practices. It includes healthy pregnancy, labor and safe childbirth. Our experts have years of experience in guiding young parents on ways of coping with labor by using controlled breathing techniques.

Breathing Techniques

Shortness of breath which is sudden becomes a severe issue for pregnant women. At, KIMS Cuddles, our team of expert help you combat this issue. They will display all the best practices to recover from this ailing.

Understanding Mood Swings And Beyond

This is a class exclusively done for dads. It is important for male partners to understand the changes happening inside their partners body. Our experts help them with techniques to understand and handle them.

Lactation Counselling

Breastfeeding is considered as the most intimate bonding experience between a child and mother.It is a well known fact that in early days of a child, mother is the best source to provide nutrition. Our experts guide on multiple ways to do so.

Cooking for your wife

This is a special class for husbands to cook delicious recipes for their pregnant wife. After attending this class be rest assured to be remarked as a good husband. Also, provide your pregnant wife with some healthy meals.