Being pregnant with a child is a feeling in itself which cannot be expressed or stated, it can be only felt. During your journey of becoming a mother, we stand with you to provide all the health care services for a complication free and comfortable pregnancy. We provide you nine-month care services in which we have routine checkups and lab tests to diagnose if the baby is safe and is free from intercurrent diseases. In case if the baby is diagnosed with intercurrent diseases, we prepare in advance about the treatment measures to be taken at the time of the birth.

We also specialize in the foetal care just to ensure that the baby is free from the abnormalities and disorders. Birthing is a joyous moment for the mother and the family and we, via our services try to make it even more memorable.

Some cases like premature birth and abnormalities in the child require extra care at the time of the birth and for handling such conditions, we have a team of experts who ensure the well-being of the mother and the baby.

Our due date calculator helps you calculate the important date based on the date of conception or the first date of your last menstrual period. Since the journey of your lifetime has just begun, registering to use the calculator you can expect some tips throughout your pregnancy.

OUR Services

9 Month Care

Whether it’s your first baby or third, every new pregnancy has its own magical moments and we at KIMS cuddles, provide all the services for the 9 month care of you and your baby.


Obstetrics is the field of medical study which is mainly concentrated on pregnancy, childbirth and post-natal care. We can categorize the care into two parts- pre-natal care and post-natal care.

Foetal Care

At Cuddles, the goal of the foetal medicine is to ensure the foetal well-being by providing quality care to the expecting mothers during their pregnancy.


We have world class gynaecologists, paediatricians, neonatologists, surgeons, and skilled staff to assist you in all the types of situations.


From Preconception to foetal care, our experts are there by your side to help you advise before conceiving and support you during the nine months of pregnancy.


At KIMS cuddles, we would counsel you on what changes might occur in your baby which may seem different to you but have nothing in serious.


We have world-class pre-natal and post-natal health care services for providing the best care to the mother and baby before the delivery

Congratulations on your pregnancy, so the next big question is when’s the baby due?

Our Ovulation Calculator can give you an estimated date if you fill in the details below.