With our neonatologists in Hyderabad, your new baby’s health is as much a concern for KIMS Cuddles as it is for you!

Neonatology is the medical specialty devoted to the prevention, and care of problems originating in the fetal, intrapartum, or neonatal periods. A neonatologist’s care extends to providing informational and supportive care to the families of such patients as well. Neonatology is focused towards providing a range of services for different kinds of illnesses which a newborn may suffer from. The common issues for which NICU care might be needed are premature birth, low birth weight, birth asphyxia, pulmonary hypoplasia, sepsis, congenital malformations etc.

At KIMS Cuddles, our neonatologists in Hyderabad understand how precious the health of a baby is for her parents, and thus we take care of the infant like they are one of ours. We have an experienced team of neonatologists available round the clock, and we provide treatment and support to critically ill premature and full-term babies also.

When your newborn child has a serious illness, we know how challenging and scary this time can be for your family. KIMS Cuddles and our neonatologists in Hyderabad are committed to high-quality, family-centered care.

Our NICU has the most advanced equipment for taking care of the sick and preterm babies. The equipment includes high-end ventilators, high proficiency monitors, warmers and phototherapy units. A team of specialized nurses is available round the clock for taking care of the newborn babies.

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Our Neonatology Services

Mechanical ventilation

Sick newborns especially preterms may have lung immaturity/dysfunction. These neonates may require ventilator support.

High Frequency Ventilators

Babies who have severe lung disease may fail on conventional ventilators. For such babies we have the facility of high frequency ventilation.

Universal Hearing screening

All babies born in KIMS Cuddles undergo hearing tests to detect early deafness.

Parental nutrition

The small preterm and sick neonates are not able to tolerate oral feeds well and requires intravenous nutrition in form of glucose, fats and proteins. This parenteral nutrition is prepared with aseptic precautions under laminar flow and is delivered via intravenous route, till the time baby is able to tolerate oral feeds.


Premature babies periodically need to be evaluated by ultrasound of brain. We have facility of bedside ultrasound and if required we have advanced neuroimaging facilities like MRI available in the hospital. Very few neonatal units in Hyderabad have MRI machine in their hospital.

Neurodevelopmental Care

Our team includes Occupational therapist and support staff who visit the NICU regularly and help in the developmental support of the sick babies. This support continues even after discharge when the babies come for follow up.

Bedside Echocardiography and Cardiac services

Bed side echocardiography is very important for early diagnosis and prompt management of cardiac defects. We have a team of trained cardiologists available round the clock.

Phototherapy and Exchange Transfusion

Babies who develop significant jaundice require special lights called phototherapy and in rare cases may require exchange transfusion.

Genetic counselling services

All babies born or admitted to our hospital are screened for common metabolic and genetic diseases. Our team along with the genetic department at KIMS provide full support to babies diagnosed with or suspected to have genetic disorders.

Eye Examination

Retinopathy of prematurity of prematurity (ROP) is a disease of very preterm babies, which can lead to blindness if not treated in time. To prevent ROP, our ophthalmologists will periodically examine retina of these preterm infants as per international guidelines. Babies with advanced stage of ROP are offered bedside laser therapy to halt progression of disease.

Fetal medicine

We have a dedicated Department of Fetal medicine where your baby while in your uterus is screened for congenital defects, appropriate growth and development. Our team is competent in performing various antenatal procedures like amniocentesis, chorionic villous biopsy and intrauterine transfusions if required.

Parent Involvement

Parents are also involved in the care of their sick baby; they are encouraged to hold the baby next to their skin (Kangaroo Mother Care), which helps in better growth and development of infants apart from helping in establishing lactation. Mothers of babies who cannot feed are taught how to express milk and maintain lactation. Our doctors will update you regularly about the progress and condition of your child.