Happy Family Maternity Testimonials At KIMS Cuddles

Patient is happy with the attention given by Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni

Mrs. M. Suhasini has only wonderful words to share about Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni. She says she had a great experience in terms of suggestions, guidance and overall hospitality at our facility. From nutrition to exercise, she says all aspects of her pregnancy were taken care of. Listen to her pregnancy journey at KIMS Cuddles.

Young Mom talks about emotional support from Dr. K. Shilpi Reddy

When Mrs. Radha Kommuru consulted Dr. K. Shilpi Reddy for her pregnancy, she says she was given the best treatment possible. Apart from giving the right medical support, Dr. Shilpi also provided her a strong emotional support to ease this young mom through her pregnancy. Listen to her experience at KIMS Cuddles.

Mrs. Annie had a beautiful birth experience with Dr. K.Shilpi Reddy

Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Annie Alekhya Mudundi were blessed with a baby boy under the care of Dr. K. Shilpi Reddy. They say that the treatment at KIMS Cuddles went beyond their expectations. Calling Dr. Shilpi a very people-oriented doctor, he says that she and the support staff helped them have a beautiful experience. Hear more about their story.

A Couple have their second delivery with Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni

Mrs. Srilatha Gade’s husband speaks about their experience at KIMS Cuddles, under the patient care of Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni. They were happy with the advice and guidance of Dr. Pujitha, and had a smooth delivery. Listen to his glowing words about delivering their second child at our facility.

Patient underwent Emergency LSCS Surgery under Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni

Mrs. Thivya from Tamil Nadu came to KIMS Cuddles during her pregnancy. Speaking about the facilities and her gynecologist, Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni, her husband says that they were made to feel comfortable, despite language barriers. They were very happy with our doctor and her team who gave her the best treatment possible. Listen to what he has to say.

Couple had a wonderful experience with Dr. Shilpi Reddy 

Mrs. Shruti Agarwal had been consulting Dr. Shilpi Reddy throughout her pregnancy. She says that Dr. Shilpi and her team did everything possible to make her pregnancy experience a wonderful one. From prenatal classes to post-delivery care, she speaks about her pregnancy journey at KIMS Cuddles and how much she loved giving birth at our facility. Hear her story.

Patient speaks about experience with Dr. Shilpi Reddy

Mrs. Jyoshna underwent Elective LSCS under the care and guidance of Dr. Shilpi Reddy. Speaking about the amazing treatment and the facility at KIMS Cuddles, these new parents say that everything was 100% perfect. Listen to their heartfelt message of the trust they feel with Dr. Shilpi Reddy.

Friendly treatment under Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni

Mrs. Arundhati went for an Emergency LSCS Surgery at KIMS Cuddles under Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni. Speaking about their experience, her husband says that Dr. Pujitha was very friendly and made them very comfortable. He says that it was an awesome experience getting their baby into this world. Hear what he has to say.

Patient admitted for LSCS Surgery under Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni

At KIMS Cuddles, we go beyond delivering babies. Like this couple experienced at our facility, we provide prenatal classes and much more to ensure the wellness of the mothers who come to us. Mrs. Rimmi Chatterji’s experience with Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni has been marvelous and she recommends our hospital to everyone who wants to have a unique birthing experience.

Patient undergoes Elective LSCS Surgery under Dr. Shilpi Reddy (Telugu)

Mrs. Sathvika has known Dr. Shilpi Reddy for almost 5 years and has trusted the doctor throughout her pregnancy. Speaking about her experience, she says everything was very nice, neat and clean, and the support staff took good care of her. Listen to her experience at our facility.

Special care for C-Section delivery by Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni (Telugu)

This couple had a C-Section delivery under the care of Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni. They say that the hospital, support staff such as admin and nurses, and of course, the doctor took special care of the new mother to ensure she is comfortable after the birth of her little one. Hear about their experience.

Parents trust Dr. Shilpi Reddy for an amazing birth experience

Mrs. Santhoshi Kumari Damma and her husband Mr. Ramakrishna have known Dr. Shilpi Reddy for almost a decade now. Their firstborn was delivered by Dr. Shilpi and they have immense faith in her. Listen to their experience delivering their daughter at KIMS Cuddles and what they have to say about our facilities and staff.


Personal touch to professional care under Dr. Shilpi Reddy

This couple from Kolkata visited KIMS Cuddles and Dr. Shilpi Reddy for baby planning and instantly knew that this is where they want their baby to be born. Speaking about their journey, they say that the entire team and Dr. Shilpi made their pregnancy a sweet experience. Listen to their heartfelt message.

Mrs. Sibanee Jena Samanta’s experience with Dr. Shilpi Reddy

Mrs. Sibanee Jena Samanta from Chandanagar had an emergency LSCS surgery under Dr. Shilpi Reddy. She has trusted our doctor and staff right from the beginning of her pregnancy. Listen to her experience.

Patient speaks about Dr. Shilpi Reddy’s motherly care at KIMS Cuddles

Mrs. Swathy shares her many reasons for choosing KIMS Cuddles for her baby’s delivery. She tells about the wonderful care that she received from Dr. Shilpi Reddy in every aspect of her pregnancy. Likening her to a mother, Mrs. Swathy says everything about KIMS Cuddles was wonderful. Hear more about her experience.

Cool birthing experience with Dr. Shilpi Reddy (Telugu)

This new father speaks about his wife, Mrs. Soma Rama Devi’s wonderful birthing experience under Dr. Shilpi Reddy’s guidance. They came to KIMS during the third month of her pregnancy and says that Dr. Shilpi is a ‘cool’ doctor. We’re proud to have an amazing team to take care of our patients.

Normal baby birth under Dr. Shilpi Reddy at KIMS Cuddles (Telugu)

Mrs. K. Neeraja came to KIMS Cuddles in the 7th month of her pregnancy. Her husband has glowing words to share about their experience with the hospital, staff, and especially, Dr. Shilpi Reddy. He says about our team’s best efforts to try for a normal delivery. Listen to their happy experience at our facility.


Mrs  Neha Jain was admitted under Dr  Pujitha Devi Suraneni for complicated pregnancy

Mrs Neha Jain, 30 years old from Hyderabad, was admitted under Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni, MBBS, MS (Obs & Gynaec), Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon at KIMS Cuddles for complicated pregnancy with Oligohydraminos and IUGR and had a successful normal delivery. Listen to her experience at KIMS Cuddles.

Patient talks about the great support of Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni

Mrs. V Roja says that KIMS is one of the best maternity hospitals. She was under the care of Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni, who ensured a smooth pregnancy and delivery. Listen to her review about our doctors, staff, and facilities.

Happy mother shares her experience with Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni

Mrs. Vinitha was happy with her experience at KIMS Cuddles, under the care of Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni. She speaks about how well she was taken care under the expert guidance of the staff and doctors at KIMS Cuddles. Hear more about her normal birthing journey at our facility.

Father talks about fertility treatment with Dr. Shilpi Reddy

This young couple, Mrs. K Satya Sri and Mr. Srinivas, came to Dr. Shilpi Reddy for their fertility treatment and successfully conceived twins. They were very impressed with the entire treatment and the helpful nature of the Doctor and staff. Hear their detailed story here.

Placenta Previa during pregnancy treated by Dr. Shilpi Reddy

Mrs. Damayanti was diagnosed with placenta previa during the 5th month of her pregnancy. Speaking about her experience, Mrs. Damayanti says she was very happy with Dr. Shilpi Reddy who took care of her all through her pregnancy. She’s thankful to the doctor as well as the entire staff who eased her pregnancy.

Mom shares her 9-month journey

Our doctors make sure you have a good experience, right from the time you found out about your pregnancy. This mom had the full support and encouragement from one of our very best – Dr. Shilpi Reddy.

Good experience with our Staff

Not just our doctors, our staff and nurses go an extra mile to ensure you have a memorable birthing experience. Listen to this mom talk about our facilities and the wonderful people at KIMS Cuddles.

Best Care during Emergency Cases

This young mom trusted KIMS Cuddles and Dr. Shilpi for her emergency case. She delivered without any problems. Listen to her account of her experience with us.

Young Mom talks about prenatal classes and birthing journey

At KIMS Cuddles, we believe that the entire journey of pregnancy must be savored. This young mom thoroughly enjoyed the “Joy of Pregnancy” prenatal classes at KIMS Cuddles, which also helped her prepare for her motherhood journey. Also, special mentions for her wonderful gynecologist, Dr. Shilpi Reddy.

Happy Dad talks about amazing support from doctor

Talk about support that goes beyond what’s expected! Hear out this dad who shares their experience with Dr. Shilpi Reddy, who extended her support by always being available on phone. Having a doctor who takes away all your pregnancy worries is indeed a boon.

New Mom had an easy C-Section delivery

When this mom came to KIMS Cuddles, we made sure that we give her our very best. She talks about how Dr. Poojita made even her C-Section comfortable and helped her recover well from it. She says that the advice and suggestions she received here are proving to be useful even after her baby’s birth. That’s the kind of relationship we strive to have with all our patients.

This mom had a Healthy pregnancy with Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes can cause a lot of complications for both mother and the baby. However, this mom was under the care of our experts throughout her pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby. Our team of experts are thankful to her for trusting us for her childbirth.

Pregnancy was 9 months of celebration for this mom

We take pride in giving our very best to the parents who put their trust in us. This mom’s experience with us – right from prenatal classes to giving birth – says it all. Like she said, pregnancy was 9 months of celebrations and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.

They loved every bit of pregnancy

Every mother is special to us. We give our best services and our team of doctors ensure that you have a safe pregnancy and birthing experience, free from any complications. These parents loved being with KIMS Cuddles for the birth of their child.

Meet the first baby born at our hospital

They were the first parents at KIMS Cuddles. Watch this video and hear about their experience of giving birth at our state of the art facility.

Personal Care for high risk delivery

This mom had complications in the eighth month of her pregnancy. Yet, she had full faith in our team of experts – especially Dr. Shilpi Reddy – who gave her the best, personal care possible. We are thankful for their trust in us.

Parents talk about what makes us stand apart

We’re not just another maternity hospital. We strive to be the best in Hyderabad and work endlessly to provide unparalleled services. These parents talk about what we’re doing differently when it comes to childbirth experience.

Fibroid Treatment and Delivery

At KIMS Cuddles, we try to give every woman a chance at pregnancy. Our fertility experts suggest the best treatment options, based on the personal needs of the parent. This mom had a wonderful experience while being treated for fibroids and delivered successfully at KIMS Cuddles.

Focus on making pregnancy a Happy Experience

These parents make our work easier. Listen to them talk about how KIMS Cuddles focused on the overall physical as well as the emotional health of the mother, all through the pregnancy, and not just at the time of delivery.

Wonderful experience for this couple

These parents came to KIMS Cuddles when the mother was 5 months pregnant. Now, when their son is 7 months old, they still can’t stop praising our hospital, staff, facilities and our doctors. Their testimonial speaks volumes about our service.

Parents Happy with Post-natal events

At KIMS Cuddles, our job is only getting started after the birth of your precious baby. We conduct several events and classes to ensure parents get the best advice and support from our experts.

Post-delivery events to relax and unwind

Our association doesn’t stop with helping you give birth to your child. We extend this bond to various post-natal events and classes which help you become better parents. Listen to this dad talk about some of these wonderful events.

Happy Family shares their experience

Our doctors at KIMS Cuddles try their very best to keep you comfortable when you’re with us. These glowing words from parents, for Dr. Shilpi Reddy, only goes to show how much love our team pours into every family.

Highly satisfied parents at our facility

Our main aim is to make sure that parents who come to us have a memorable experience. Our state of the art facilities provide the best care and treatment to all the mothers who put their trust in us. These parents had only kind words to say about KIMS Cuddles.

Happy Parents with glowing words for our Doctors

These new parents’ experience at KIMS Cuddles says it all! From a wonderful receptionist to her gynecologist Dr. Poojita, who was always one call away – we worked as a team to ensure this young mother had a truly wonderful birthing experience.

Mrs. Ankita Mohanty recounts her happy experience with Dr. Shilpi Reddy and KIMS Cuddles

Mrs. Ankita Mohanty came to KIMS Cuddles during her pregnancy and was under the care of Dr. Shilpi Reddy throughout her journey. Her happy experience with the doctors, nurses and support staff is visible through the satisfactory words she has used in this video. She highly recommends the services of KIMS Cuddles. Listen to what she has to say.

Mrs. Deepa gave birth to twins after IVF treatment by Dr. S Vyjayanthi & delivery under Dr. Pujitha

Mr. Karunakar Reddy and Mrs. Deepa Reddy tried unsuccessfully for many years to conceive. However, after being suggested by their first gynecologist, they decided to seek treatment at KIMS Cuddles under Dr. S Vyjayanthi for IVF. After successful rounds of treatment, they were blessed with twins who were delivered under Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni. They cannot stop praising the services and attention they received at KIMS Cuddles. Listen to their story.

Happy Experience of Mrs. Sonali Verma with Dr. Shilpi Reddy & Team at KIMS Cuddles

Mrs. Sonali Verma put her trust in KIMS Cuddles when she came here pre-conception, for treatment. Dr. Shilpi Reddy and Team took utmost care of her at the hospital and made her feel at home. She was provided with the best treatment and welcomed a healthy baby at our hospital’s facilities – something she was extremely impressed by. Hear out her experience at KIMS Cuddles.

Mrs. Jaya gave birth after a complicated pregnancy, with the help of Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni

Mrs. Jaya Bharati was referred to the expert doctors at KIMS Cuddles, after facing complications in her pregnancy. After hearing about the vast expertise and experience of Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni, Mrs. Jaya Bharati put her trust in KIMS Cuddles and our team. Needless to say, she was given the best treatment and care at our facility. Listen to her story here.

Kolkata Mom Mrs. Christine Bhattacharya was happy with Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni’s Care

Mrs. Christine Bhattacharya from Kolkata delivered a healthy baby at KIMS Cuddles. She was happy with her gynecologist, Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni, who took care of Mrs. Christine right from the time she conceived. Listen to her speak about the doctor and her delivery experience at our facility in Hyderabad.

Mrs. Sashirekha had a wonderful normal delivery under Dr. Shilpi Reddy’s Care

Mrs. Sashirekha had her second normal delivery at KIMS Cuddles, under the expert care of Dr. Shilpi Reddy and Dr. Preethi Sharma. Her husband, Mr. Narendar speaks about how our staff and housekeeping perfectly complimented the doctors in giving the best post-delivery care possible. Listen to their experience.

Mrs. S Madhavi thanks Dr. N Sarada Vani for Normal Delivery

Mrs. S Madhavi from Kukatpally came to KIMS Cuddles for the birth of her child. Dr. N Sarada Vani took the best care of her throughout her pregnancy. Despite facing complications and being in labour for 2 days, she managed to deliver vaginally under the expert care of Dr. Sarada and the team at KIMS Cuddles. Mrs. Madhavi highly recommends our facility. Hear her story.

Successful VBAC at KIMS Cuddles by Dr. Pujitha Reddy

Their first child was born through C-section and this couple wanted to have a vaginal birth for their second one. After a searching for several options, they were referred to Dr. Pujitha Reddy, who helped them by explaining what was to expect and ensured a successful Vaginal Birth After C-Section (VBAC). Listen to their experience and words of appreciation for our doctors and staff at KIMS Cuddles.

A happy Experience for this Couple

Mrs. P Sahiti was under the care and guidance of Dr. Shilpi Reddy, right from the time she found out about her pregnancy. She and her husband were given suggestions all through her pregnancy and were happy with their experience. The staff and nurses took good care of this young mother and ensured her C-Section delivery was a comfortable one. Hear their story.

Couple delivered twins after fertility treatment by Dr. Shilpi Reddy

Mr. Vijay Krishna and Mrs. Krishna Veni consulted several doctors in Delhi but were not able to conceive. After reading several good reviews of Dr. Shilpi Reddy, they decided to visit our facility at KIMS Cuddles for fertility treatment. Mrs. Krishna Veni had several health complications and a high-risk pregnancy. She was given the best treatment and successfully delivered twins at our facility. Hear what they had to say about their experience.

Dr. Sarada Vanii helped this couple have a normal birth despite high risk pregnancy

Mrs. Swati Nishitha suffered from diabetes and hyperthyroidism, which made her pregnancy a high-risk one. Yet, with Dr. Sarada Vanii taking care of her delivery, she managed to have a normal birth. Her husband is all praise for the doctor’s never give up attitude and the staff’s helpful nature, which made them feel like they were in the presence of family. Listen to this truly heart-warming birthing experience of this couple.

This couple had a wonderful experience with Dr. Shilpi Reddy

Mrs. Rithika Jalan was taken care of by Dr. Shilpi Reddy all through her 9 months of pregnancy. She says that Dr. Shilpi gave her the best treatment and made her feel very comfortable. She was encouraged by her doctor to go for a normal delivery and had a successful birth. Hear out Mrs. Jalan’s happy experience with our doctors and staff at KIMS Cuddles.

Young mother had a normal delivery under Dr. Shilpi Reddy

Mrs. Niharika from Chandanagar was referred to Dr. Shilpi Reddy by her previous gynecologist. Her husband speaks about their positive experience at KIMS Cuddles and with Dr. Shilpi Reddy. He says that anyone who wants to have a normal delivery, KIMS is the place. Listen more to what they had to share about their journey at our facility.

Young mother gave birth via C-Section under Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni

Mrs. Bhavya Sri from Nizampet was referred by her doctor to Dr. Pujitha Devi Suraneni. She was admitted at our facility and both she and her husband are all praise for the doctors, as well as support staff at KIMS Cuddles. She says that Dr. Pujitha Devi tried her best to ensure a natural birth and was a constant support through her labor. However, she had to go for emergency C-section and says her experience has been wonderful. Listen to what she has to share.