important things to ask your doctor about infertility

10 Important things to ask your doctor about infertility. Even if you’re a healthy couple, it could take you several months to get pregnant. Infertility is diagnosed after 12 months of trying, for couples under the age of 35 and 6 months for those over 35. This means there is nothing to worry if a few months have passed without you getting pregnant.

However, if you’ve exceeded the above criteria, you may need to meet a fertility expert to determine if you suffer from any underlying health conditions, such as PCOS or endometriosis. Like you, several couples don’t have any clue as to what to ask the doctor for the appointment.

These are 10 important things to ask your doctor about infertility:

  1. What is my diagnosis? What effect does this condition have on my fertility? Is my partner suffering from any condition that may affect our fertility? Is there any other way to improve this condition or is it likely to remain constant?



  1. What additional diagnostic tests are recommended? What is the cost of these tests? Are there any risks associated with the tests and does my partner need to undergo the same?



  1. What type of treatment is recommended for my specific condition? Does it involve surgery, medication, or both? What are the associated risks in this line of treatment?



  1. What is the success rate of pregnancy with a specific line of treatment?



  1. Are there any less invasive or conservative treatments available? What are the associated risks and their success rates, as compared to other treatments?


  1. How many cycles of treatment do you recommend before trying another option? Do you recommend skipping a menstrual cycle between treatment cycles?



  1. Do I need to make any lifestyle modifications, along with the treatment, in order to increase my chances of getting pregnant? Does my partner need to make any lifestyle changes?


  1. What are the various fertility options that your clinic has to offer?



  1. What is my prognosis? Do you think this fertility treatment can be successful for my specific condition?


  1. What is the cost of treatment? Are the medicines, hospital charges and doctor’s fee covered by insurance? Are there any easy payment options or treatment plans that you offer?

While asking these questions, know that no doctor will be able to give you an exact answer to your prognosis. Taking your personal medical information and age, your doctor can give you a rough estimate whether you have an average, below-average or above-average chance of success.

If you have any question related to fertility or wondering if you should see a fertility expert, schedule an appointment with one of our doctors at KIMS Cuddles.


*Information shared here is for general purpose Please take doctors’ advice before taking any decision.

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