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Many first-time mothers will agree to that fact that giving birth is the easiest part – there are plenty of other challenges that arrive with the birth of your little bundle of joy. Life takes a new meaning for new parents as they bond with their baby and settle into their new schedule. If only babies came with a manual. However, these post delivery classes (post-natal classes) are the next best option for new parents to get to know the needs of your baby, and each other, better:

Exercise Classes for New Moms

Let’s face it – most first-time moms are looking to get back into shape, soon after giving birth. Joining postnatal exercise classes helps them to learn recommended exercises, according to their body specific needs. A mother who has delivered vaginally will need to strengthen her pelvic muscles and gain her pre-pregnancy flexibility.

For those who have had a caesarean section, it is important to do their exercise with caution, as it takes the body a longer time to heal as compared to a vaginal birth. Either way, seeking the guidance of a trained professional in post delivery classes makes it easier and stress-free for new moms.

Parenting Classes

With the birth of a child, new parents find themselves asking a million questions when it comes to caring for the baby. At the hospital, the nursing staff can help you with the basics. But what happens when you get back home? For this very reason, taking parenting lessons might be a good idea.  These classes help you to learn basic skills like how to calm a fussy baby, what to expect in the first few hours after birth etc. They can also help new mothers learn more about lactation, breastfeeding and also to how to care for themselves after delivery.

Bonding with your Partner

The arrival of your bundle of joy might make it difficult for you and your partner to spend quality time with each other. You might also be unsure about approaching intimacy after delivery. These postnatal classes help new parents to get to know each other anew, as well as to answer questions and rekindle romance after childbirth.

Baby wearing Classes

Wearing a baby in a wrap, sling or a carrier has been found to have many benefits for new parents, as well as the baby. Not only does it help to soothe the baby and helps them fall asleep quicker, it also allows parents to keep the child close while they go about doing their work. Baby wearing classes help parents to know about various ergonomic options of carrying their babies.

For first time mothers, post-delivery can be an extremely stressful time. It is, therefore, important to squeeze in these post delivery classes into your erratic schedule. Not only do they help you give some time to yourself, they also equip you with what to expect in the months after birth. At KIMS Cuddles, we focus on providing answers to all your post-delivery, baby related questions.

*The opinions expressed in this article are not to be substituted for medical advice under any circumstance.

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