Baby’s skin is so soft, sensitive and tender. You would want to treasure that softness and tenderness for as long as you can. But, general methods that you follow for your skin glow might not be working with your baby’s skin. After all, a baby’s skin is much different than

the adults.

Their skin is the baby’s first line of defence against the external world. Hence, caring for baby’s skin requires special and undivided attention to keep it fresh. Although taking care of baby’s skin may appear confused, the first important thing to remember is to keep it suitably moisturised and hydrated at all times.

Check these quick baby skincare tips to care for your baby within the first year of birth!


#1. Protect their tender skin from the suns direct heat 

 Direct exposure of your baby to direct sun is not recommended until they turn six months. You cannot hide them indoors till then. Just dress your little one in protective clothing while going out. Additional shade from an umbrella, stroller or dab will be highly helpful apart from the regular clothing.


#2. Watch out the weather conditions before planning their bath

Newborns need not bathe every day. They stay indoors in your protective measure all the time. They are not exposed to dust and get dirty until they are crawling around. Eating soil foods that spill on them also causes the smell, which is not seen in the initial days. Thus, till your baby reach that stage, you can plan a couple of baths in a week based on the weather conditions outside.


#3. Wash all the new outfits before you slip your baby into them 

 New outfits tend to have enough bacteria, germs and dust that can harm your newborn’s tender skin. Soak and rinse them enough before you slip your little tote into them. Clothes sit next to skin all the time, so steer them clearly before any infection hits your baby. 


#4. Be mindful of the chemical products

It is always preferable to use skincare products that are mild with less chemical content. You can include fragrance-free shampoos, tear-free bath gels and smooth rash-free lotions. However, don’t feel pressured to buy baby detergents. You can even use adult detergents, and they do not cause any harm to most of the babies. Just be mindful of the reactions their skin is showing after the usage!


#5. Protect that soft delicacy skin from bug and insect bites 

 All the mosquitos of the house can be seen only around your toddler. Well, these mosquitos, insects and bugs love young babies more than us. However, the delicacy of your little tots’ skin cannot handle them. These bites immediately leave bruises and red marks on the skin. You can use safe and secure insect repellents as well. 

The foremost important thing that you need to adhere while handling the baby’s skin is

caution. Your alertness and vigilance play a vital role in protecting your infants’ graceful skin. Additionally, frequent massages can keep your baby’s skin moisturised with adequate blood supply.


*Information shared here is for general purpose. Please take doctors’ advice before making any decision.




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