Fertility Treatments and Multiple Births

Women who undergo fertility treatments are often more likely to have multiple births, when compared to others who have it naturally. Those who opt for fertility drugs or treatments are more likely to get pregnant, and also encounter multiple births. Research suggests that one in 32 births after fertility treatments results in multiple births. Here’s more about Fertility Treatments and Multiple Births.

These are some of the more common drugs that are designed to improve ovulation process, but can have variations in results, thanks to their nature and purpose:

  1. Clomiphene Citrate

Clomiphene citrate is one of the drugs that stimulate the brain hormones, in order to have one or more eggs discharged every month. While the drug has a high success rate, it also involves a chance of 10 percent as regards giving birth to twins, triplets or more.


  1. Gonadotropin

Human chronic gonadotropin, also known as gonadotropins, is a hormone which directly stimulates the ovaries so that they can form eggs. Due to their direct stimulation, the risk of giving birth to twins or multiples increases manifold. Statistically, about 10 to 40 percent of women who use gonadotropins get multiple pregnancies.


  1. Human Menopausal Gonadotropin

Human Menopausal Gonadotropin is a fertility drug that is used to treat irregular ovulations. Women who have pituitary gland issues may benefit from this to a great extent. It helps stimulate the follicle releasing and improves ovulation. More follicles means more twins, triplets or multiples. FSH or follicle-stimulating hormone produces a similar effect.


  1. Advanced Reproduction Technology

Apart from the drugs, using advanced reproduction technology plays an important role in increasing your chances of twins, triplets or multiples. The doses of medication a woman takes to induce multiple pregnancy can be monitored and at the same time, the modern technology in the specialized clinics can rapidly detect if the internal processes of the body are affected by the drugs.


Fertility treatments induce multiple births, as it will cause the ovaries to release more eggs. This increases the chances to bring twins or multiples to the world. Thanks to the development of medicine, it is possible to bear multiples without risks to both mother and fetus.

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*Information shared here is for general purpose Please take doctors’ advice before taking any decision.

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