Happy Family Fertility Testimonials At KIMS Cuddles

Mrs. Harika Krishna – IVF treatment by Dr. S. Vyjayanthi

Mr. Krishna’s wife, 30 years old from Hyderabad, came for IVF treatment by Dr. S. Vyjayanthi, MD, DGO, DNB, MRCOG, MSc (Embryology, UK) and has successfully conceived after 3 years of being married and has high praises for Dr. S. Vyjayanthi. He says he is blessed to have been referred to Dr. S. Vyjayanthi by one his friends.

I started planning pregnancy for 2 years, and it has not been a smooth process.My first abortion had devastated me for a long time. Also, coming to terms with the fact that we needed fertility treatment took us some time to come forward and approach a Fertility Centre.

But from the day I met Dr.Vyjayanthi Mam and her team, I have been extremely relaxed and confident. I have been super positive since day one.That was the effect Vyjayanthi mam had on me.

The day my UPT came positive with the first cycle of OI +IUI itself, I jumped with joy, I couldn’t believe it. I immediately shared my happiness with Dr. Vyjayanthi Mam and she was equally excited.
The day I saw the tiny heartbeat of my tiny fetus my happiness knew no bounds. I JUMPED WITH JOY!! That made my day!!

I am extremely happy with Dr.Vyjayanthi mam and her team( Dr. Juhi, Dr. Aishwarya, reception staff) for their extremely warm approach and their confidentiality.

Dr.Vyjayanthi mam had given me positive vibes from the first day and i have been very positive and happy since then (i was quite depressed before )

I thank ma’am from the bottom of my heart for being patient with me.I will definitely come back and meet you with a healthy baby!! (fingers crossed).

Thank you, mam!

Lots of love

Mr. & Mrs. Vikram

When we entered with an uncertain mindset to visit Dr. Vyjayanthi madam. All our worries were gone in just about one consultation. Her expertize and good willingness & kind nature gave us the positive spirit and believed in her blindly. That’s all !!! magic happened, I conceived in the 1st ET cycle with a lot of complication in my previous health history and present IVF procedures KIMS has totally taken care of me & proven that everything is possible with expertise and wholeheartedness. thanks for everything doctor, you have got an amazing team here. Hope to see our healthy baby soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs. & Mr. Katam

Thank so much Dr. Vyjayanthi madam, I went to many hospitals, my married life is two years, finally, I visited KIMS Fertility Center & Dr.Vyjayanthi madam. She explained everything in detail & within 3cycles of IUI. I got pregnant. Thanks for Dr.Juhee madam also. They did not order any useless tests and medications. All tests were useful. I suggested to all who are looking for a baby to visit KIMS they will solve all fertility-related issues. Staff at reception also very cooperative and helpful. Dr.Vyjayanthi madam spends time with patients to listen to all their issues. She will speak in a very friendly manner and explains everything in detail. They don’t rush the patients. They will give a stipulated time to speak with the doctor.

Aruna is a very skilled person giving injections she will give very nicely without any pain. Special thanks to Suneetha for contacting me every time.


Mrs. Yamini

For miracles to happen the answer is “Dr. Vyjayanthi & her team”

The staff treat us like a family and are very empathetic…

The facilities & the technology are excellent.

“Gives value to emotions”

Mrs. Pooja

I am very glad that I found DR.VYJAYANTHI. after a failed 1st attempt in the USA. I got pregnant in the first cycle of IVF here. And I am so happy that I am pregnant with twins.

I am really grateful to the doctor and the team who supported me in every stage of this critical phase of my life.


Mr. & Mrs. Ravula

Hi, I am 36 years old from Ramachandrapuram of Medak Dist. I am a government employee. I was referred here to KIMS Hospital by one of my colleague, I was treated by Dr.Vyjayanthi Madam for infertility. I have undergone IVF treatment and since the beginning of my treatment I felt very comfortable with Dr. Vyjayanthi, she talked to me very friendly and cleared all my doubts regarding the treatment and I got the confidence about the success. The treatment was not at all complicated. It was so simple and in very few days we got a successful result. We were successful in the first attempt itself. I am very fortunate to be a patient of KIMS CUDDLES. All the staff and doctors were very cordial towards the patients. They all treated us just like family members. Once the appointment is fixed the treatment was on time, never faced any problem regarding the treatment and proper medication was also given which didn’t have any side effects. I am in the third month carrying at present.

Thank you KIMS and Dr. Vyjayanthi madam for making our dream come true

With Love

Mr. & Mrs. Srinivas

It has been a couple of years we were trying to have a baby and we consulted some doctors, which didn’t help. Then, one of my friends suggested me to consult Dr. Vyjayanthi, I must admit that Dr. Vyjayanthi is the best, she spends the time to explain everything in detail and that helped us turn negative thoughts to positive. My wife is now pregnant and we are waiting to have a baby in some months. For sure it has been an amazing experience with KIMS FERTILITY CENTER and people there who are very supportive. You guys are the best.

Mr. & Mrs. Jain


Been trying for 2 years in vain……

Skepticism mixed with hope arrived at “KIMS cuddles”. Kondapur

Discussed with Dr. Vyjayanthi.

She laid out the situation, crystal clear. We made an informed decision-

She hand-held us all the way – to pregnancy “Yay”!!!

The staff has been amazingly supportive. Appreciate your candor, demeanor & professionalism….once again


A big shout to Dr. Juhi- Thanks for your support.

Thank you

Best Wishes

Mrs. & Mr. Asutosh

After lot of struggle my dreams came true because of Dr.S.Vyjayanthi madam I Met the doctors at KIMS, Cuddles. My struggle had come to an end. Dr.S.Vyjayanthi mam and other doctors counseled us in such a way that we never had to worry about having kids.The faculty were also very helpful and motivating which was very much required. Dr.Nagajyothi referred to Dr.Vyjayanthi madam and we are very much thankful to her.

We would definitely refer Dr. Vyjayanthi madam to any other couple who are struggling to have children.

Thanks a lot, madam

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. & Mr. Kishore

First of all, Thank you so so much Dr. Vyjayanthi madam for making our dreams real as our baby. I mean to say not only thanks to you mam but it’s beyond that as we experienced lot hurdles before coming to you. My special thanks to Dr. Namratha ma’am who had done IUI and taken care of me during the initial scan of pregnancy. Thank you so much Namratha mam for making our dream into reality.

After getting into KIMS cuddles just in 3 cycles of treatment you solved our life wish Dr. Vyjayanthi mam. We are so much thankful to you mam. Hoping to see you soon mam with my Baby.

Thank you a lot……..

Mrs. & Mr. Reddy

Our Hope for having a child, which was a dream to us. Yes KIMS ( Dr.Vyjayanthi) by which it was possible.

Unbelievable and miracles happen when you completely believe your doctor which we did it. Referred by Dr. Ratna Kumari, whom we never forgot.

They gave liberty to think, good counseling even the faculty, most friendly. Hospitality was very good. When we started the treatment, they explained, treated us in a very friendly environment.

We as a couple are very thankful to Dr. Vyjayanthi for making our dream come true.

Thanks to one and all.

Yours thankfully

Mrs. & Mr. Bharath

Hi I am Koduri. I am happy that we’re going to be parents very soon. The team supported us very well. Dr. Vyjayanthi’s IVF treatment was very good and without any pain, the treatment went very well. Infrastructure in the hospital is also well established. Finally, We are very happy that we are under the treatment of Dr. Vyjayanthi mam. The doctor is also very friendly. And I’m 3. 5months pregnant. Me and my baby are doing well & healthy.

Mrs. Koduri & Mr. Kumar

The moment I was confirmed that I became a mother, I thought I made a great choice of approaching Dr. Vyjayanthi mam. Thanks for everything, the affection, and care is given in treating me and giving hope to live happily in future.

‘CUDDLES’ the exact meaning of dictionary is being fulfilled here. Its been a fabulous journey of mine here, I will cherish this moment in future endeavors.

Thank you, Mam,

Mr. & Mrs. Abdullah

The whole procedure was easy, straightforward and very transparent. It happened very fast and Dr. Vyjayanthi was very professional and easy to talk to.

Thank you for my two babies!

Mr. & Mrs. Rao

After quite a lot of struggles and painful process of having a child we came across Dr. Vyjayanthi referred by Dr.Srinivas. Madam gave us great hope throughout our journey.The support staff treated us like a family and we are thankful for the whole team. We would definitely refer Dr.Vyjayanthi to other couples.

Thanks a lot, madam

Mrs. & Mr. Anil

We have been married for five years and we have been trying to conceive. We tried with different kinds of medications, but nothing helped us.We went through(especially my wife and family) lot of emotional struggle in this five years. One of our family friends suggested Dr. S. Vyjayanthi madam and my wife conceived in the first cycle of IUI itself. Staff was very (my wife asked me to include another “very”) supportive and encouraging and there is a clear difference between the way we are TREATED HERE THAN OTHER HOSPITALS THAT WE VISITED.


Mrs. & Mr. Krishna Reddy

Receiving by the staff &the Jr. Doctor & the actual doctor is very much better when compared to other hospitals.

The procedure & observations of the client’s treatment are really impressive. Really thankful to the staff & doctor who made me happy for making a miracle in our life .seriously we mean it.

The way the receptionist calls the patient & intimates about the time & process is very impressive.

Very good receiving &friendly & homely.

Thank you so much.

Mr. & Mrs. Nallani

Excellent Doctors with lot of patience. We are really thankful to madam and all staff for their support & care.

“Miracles do Happen”

Best Regards

Mrs. & Mr. Mani

Mrs. Diana delivered a healthy Baby after Dr. Vyjayanthi’s fertility treatment

Mrs. Diana, who had come to KIMS Cuddles for her second fertility treatment under the care of Dr. Vyjayanthi, successfully delivered a healthy baby at KIMS Cuddles. Her first born was also delivered after Dr. Vyjayanthi’s IVF Treatment. She thanks the doctor for helping her give birth to two beautiful babies. You could also listen to her experience when she found out about conceiving her second baby.

Second fertility treatment for Mrs. Diana under the care of Dr. Vyjayanthi

Mrs. Diana Monteiro first came to KIMS Cuddles in 2013 for her fertility treatment under Dr. Vyjayanthi. After a successful treatment, she was blessed with a baby boy. Her experience with KIMS was so good that she decided to seek Dr. Vyjayanthi’s assistance for her second IVF, and conceived. Listen to her experience about the unmatched facilities that KIMS Cuddles provides, as she prepares the arrival of her second child.

Successful fertility treatment of a young mother by Dr. Vyjayanthi

A young mother Mrs. Rupanjali, came to KIMS Cuddles for her fertility treatment, after being unable to conceive naturally for several years. She was taken care of by Dr. Vyjayanthi, who gave her the best treatment and helped her give birth to healthy baby. Mrs. Rupanjali’s mother Mrs. Indira, talks about her daughter’s experience at KIMS Cuddles and is all praise about the treatment. Listen to their positive experience at our facility.