dads-to-be can help out in delivery room

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience for both parents. It is an exhilarating time, not just for the mother who has to carry the fetus in her womb for 9 months, but also for the father who goes through a million emotions during this period. Dads today are more hands-on than they were ever before and want to be as much involved with the pregnancy as possible. They also have their own sets of worries. These are the top 5 fears that every expectant dad has:


  1. Not Feeling Ready

A lot of fears that every expectant dad has, especially the first-timers, worry that they may not be ready to handle the responsibility of a new person in their life. They may be stressed about not being able to enjoy their time with their friends, eat out or even attend social events due to the big change in their lives. However, it is important for dads to see the possibilities of having a good time with a child around. Being a dad doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to enjoy with the grown-ups, it only means they require more planning before execution now.


  1. Baby Care Anxiety

Armin Brott, a co-author of The Expectant Father, says that most boys aren’t raised to be caregivers. They do not have enough baby care exposure as compared to what girls have early on in the lives. This makes them anxious at the thought of caring for the baby. Although the trend is slowly changing and men are taking bigger roles in parenting than what the society has come to stereotype, it remains one of the biggest worry for men. A good way to deal with fears that every expectant dad has is by visiting male friends and relatives who have a baby. Let them show you simple things like holding a baby, changing diapers, rocking them and putting them down to bed. These will help dads-to-be get more comfortable with the idea of caring for the baby.


  1. Inability to help during labor and delivery

It is normal for men to feel anxious when their partner is going into labor. They feel helpless as they don’t know what they can do to make things easier. They may also be confused with medical terms like contractions, dilation, amniotic fluid etc. Even though there isn’t much for the men to do physically during childbirth, they can help their partner prepare emotionally. Attend antenatal classes and accompany your partner for doctor visits to find out more about what to expect during pregnancy. Know what are the nutritional needs of the mom-to-be and help her get these. You can also discuss whether you would like to be present during your child’s delivery if given an option. These little things will help you prepare better for fatherhood.


  1. Fear about Finances

Money is a big concern for all parents-to-be. There are significant costs that occur during and after the birth of a child. From vaccinations, medications, food, diapers in the near future, to making plans for higher education, most fathers-to-be are always concerned about managing the family finances around their child. Taking control of your situation can help ease this anxiety to a great extent. By taking measure such as reducing spending, making a budget for things, and separating your wants from your needs, you can manage your finances easily.


  1. Fear about your relationship

Taking care of a baby requires spending a lot of time and effort. So does the relationship with your partner. With a newborn around, dads fear that they won’t have enough one-on-one time with their partners. While this may be true, it is important that you try to take time out for your wife. Make plans to enjoy some time together, even if it means ordering in food and having a dinner date at home. Just try to communicate and reconnect with each other in ways that most suits you.


Most dads-to-be are anxious when it comes to anticipating their role around a new child. A little time and effort can help ease all your fears. Hope this blog about fears that every expectant dad has. If you need to talk to someone, our team at KIMS Cuddles are always there to listen.

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