KIMS Cuddles is a dedicated birthing care centre designed to meet all the needs of motherhood, newborn and womanhood. We specialise in providing a safe and secure ambience with help of highly qualified experts. We strive every second to make your journey the most memorable one by making you feel at home.

We have got the best known, qualified & experienced doctors of the city on board with us. However, each consultant has its own schedule of availability. We request you to take an appointment prior to visiting us. Please review doctor’s profile and book your appointment or give us a call at 040 4243 4243.

Yes, we accept insurance patients and encourage you to reach out to our personnel if you have any queries.  

KIMS Cuddles is a hospital dedicated to women and children. We specialize in dealing with any kind of woman and child health and not just maternity.

We have got the best doctors in town on board but still if you wish to continue your present doctors then your doctor needs to empanel with us. This is a formality which KIMS Cuddles would do.

In case, you are not satisfied with your present consultant you need to get along your medicals and consult the doctor of your choice at KIMS Cuddles. He/She will guide you henceforth for all of your concerns.

We have a team of qualified doctors so we ensure that no such situation arrives that bother you. We ensure that the most learned and experienced doctors are available for your safety and guidance.

We are always prepared to meet the worst situation. We have a fully equipped ambulance 24*7 along with trained staffs and doctors to take a good preliminary care of you.

We request you to get in touch with us and we would ensure that we make the arrangements as per your convenience and availability of the doctor.

LDR stands for Labour Delivery Recovery Room. These are designed to provide you home like ambience with high-end parameter monitors, full motorized beds, and warmers-incubators for the newborns. At KIMS Cuddles we have designed our LDR’s to ensure safe & secure delivery.

NICU stands for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit which is a unit meant to take good care of newborn infants. At KIMS Cuddles we have trained and experienced neonatologist and trained a medical team to take good care of newborns, especially ill or premature newborns.

We have best medical facilities with us, such as:-

  1. 4D-Ultrasonography: This is best ultrasound technique to track the growth of baby where you can see foetus smile, yawns and many other behaviors of a growing baby.
  2. Mobile X-ray: We have a mobile X-ray option which allows us to take the x-ray where the individual removing the discomfort associated with transporting a patient. With mobile X-ray, the exam is taken to the individual, wherever they may reside. A mobile exam offers convenience and reduces the time and discomfort associated with transporting a patient.
  3. Foetal Doppler: A hand-held ultrasound transducer designed to detect and listen to the heartbeat of a foetus for prenatal care.
  4. Cardiotocography: It is an instrument designed to record the foetal heartbeat and the uterine contractions during pregnancy. It is also used to monitoring of the baby’s heart rate during labour.

The capacity to bear pain varies from person to person so our experts understand it and work towards minimizing the level of pain. You can always reach out to our doctors who will guide you about it.

We have well trained medical team available 24*7.

We do a complete and thorough study of a patient’s past history. We then treat each case as per patient’s attributes.

Yes, you can always reach out to the doctors directly but we request you to reach our attendants who would confirm the availability of doctor and make arrangements for the conversation.

Yes, your partner can be with you during labour in LDR. However, if you need an emergency caesarean and a general anaesthetic then we would advise your partner to stay out. We will keep him up to date with all the happenings throughout.

We are extremely sorry but at KIMS we don’t promote differentiation between the baby boy and girl. We believe it is completely God’s call. We assure to provide safety and security for your baby.

During pregnancy every woman needs a special attention and diet as it plays a major role for a healthy pregnancy. During this phase, the body needs extra nutrients not just to meet the needs of the growing baby but also for the mother to prepare for the lactation period. We have trained nutritionist with us who will help you to have a proper diet and meet all the requirements.