Make your journey of motherhood as exciting as possible with simple precautions and measures. One of the effective ways to enjoy your pregnancy without stress and health risks is through meditation. It will keep you out of unnecessary stress and strengthen your body equally for labour. Set aside a few minutes of your day and focus on your breathing and stay silent. You can capture all the peace you need during your pregnancy through meditation. 

Here is an easy step guide to practice meditation during pregnancy. 

#1. Select a calm place for your focus 

Choosing an appropriate place will allow you to stay undisturbed during the process. It will enhance your concentration and settle your mind. As you will choose the same place every day for meditation, you will feel more accustomed than regular. While picking up the place, ensure you are away from loud noise, gadgets, and allow a free flow of breeze. 

#2. Find a comfortable position to sit-in 

Positioning yourself in regular meditation poses might be difficult during pregnancy. So do not stress yourself in finding the right position. You can choose a comfortable position with some support needed for your growing belly. Ensure you are sitting comfortably without any stress or pain. Lying down is also a great option, especially on your side with a pillow supported in between your legs if you are unable to sit. 

#3. You can focus on your belly while breathing 

As your belly continue to grow with your pregnancy, you can evidently focus on it as it helps you connect with your unborn baby. You can even place your hand on the belly and try to feel your baby, and yourself relax. Breathe slowly, in and out, and breathe deeply and start to focus your attention on breathing equally. 

#4. Try guided meditation to check additional benefits 

Meditation can draw you back into endless thoughts. It can shift your mind and make you tired at times. Needless to say how beneficial meditation is, taking a guided help will help you increase the benefits. It will help you drive even better results. 

#5. Pick a chant or mantra that will help you focus 

Not everyone requires this. But, there are better results seen when meditating with chants or mantras. They will help you focus more on the inner self and helps you have an undivided focus. It will also help you be in the present without slipping into the past or future. 

Meditation is a super tool to reduce stress and be joyful during pregnancy. If you are new to meditation and expecting a baby soon, it is still fair to start now. Do not let go of it in between. Meditate often to observe the results of it. Meditation will give you the much-needed energy to relax and prepare for your baby’s birth. 

*Information shared here is for general purpose. Please take doctors’ advice before taking any decision. 

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