Common pregnancy myths and misconceptions debunked

When you’re pregnant, everyone seems to have a word of advice and caution. While some of these things might be true, it doesn’t mean you have to believe everything you hear. Sometimes, they might just be common pregnancy myths; or even old wives’ tales!

Here are some of the most common pregnancy myths, and facts, to give you some peace of mind during your pregnancy:

Myth # 1: You need to eat for two

Fact: While it is true that you’re growing a whole new person inside you, it doesn’t mean you double your food intake. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, any woman with normal pre-pregnancy weight needs only 300 extra calories per day for her baby’s growth. It is important to watch your weight as well because excessive weight gain increases the risk of a caesarian section. So remember to eat a well-balanced, nutrient-rich diet during pregnancy.


Myth #2: Exercising is harmful for your baby

Fact: Not true at all! Exercising is beneficial for the mother, as well as for the baby. If you want to take up light exercising during your pregnancy, consult with your gynecologist about it. Your doctor will also recommend brisk walking, swimming, breathing exercises, and yoga and meditation to help you relax and stay active. Exercising also helps to increase your stamina and prepares your body for childbirth.


Myth # 3: Stay away from Coffee

Fact: If you love coffee, there’s no need to stop drinking it completely during pregnancy. You might be warned by family and friends to give up caffeine as it can possibly cause miscarriage, preterm birth or low birth weight. However, there isn’t much evidence to indicate the same. That means you can still enjoy a cup of coffee once a while, but make sure you don’t have more than the recommended limit of 200mg caffeine per day.


Myth #4: Air travel is a strict no-no during pregnancy

Fact: It is perfectly safe to travel by flights before the 36th week in case you have a normal, healthy pregnancy. In case you have any complications that might worsen due to air travel, your doctor might advise you against it. Some airlines have a policy that restricts women from flying in their last trimester. They might ask for a medical certificate as well so it is better to check in advance.


Myth #5: Never sleep on your back during pregnancy

Fact: Pregnant women are encouraged to sleep on the left side during pregnancy. The common belief is that sleeping on the back cuts the oxygen supply to the fetus. While this isn’t true, it is recommended to sleep on your left side as it helps improving the blood flow and aids the transfer of nutrients to the placenta. It also helps your kidney to eliminate waste products and fluids.


Myth #6: Consumption of ghee helps ease delivery process

Fact: There’s an old wives’ tale that ghee lubricates the vagina and helps to make delivery process smoother. There is no scientific evidence to prove this. Ghee is high in unsaturated fat and should be consumed in moderation; else it will lead to weight gain and other related complications.

There are so many things you will hear during your pregnancy. It is best to consult your doctor about them instead of blindly believing everything. Our doctors at KIMS Cuddles will help to clear all your doubts, regarding these, or any other, common pregnancy myths.

**The opinions presented in this article are not to be substituted for medical advice under any circumstance

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