There is a lot of advice which flows in from your friends and family while caring for your toddler. You might want to know which is a better way to follow. After all, the delicacy of your little tote has to be guarded with the utmost care and love. Missing out a small detail might result in rashes, allergies and irritation to their beautiful skin.

Not just after the bath, their skin requires special care even during the bath. Check this perfect guide that can help you care your newborns’ skin during and after a bath. 


Bathing your newborn before Umbilical cord falls off
Your newborn’s umbilical cord is sensitive and requires additional care till it is peeled off. While bathing your baby ensure you are not rubbing or applying pressure on the umbilical cord. Bath your baby on a towel, changing table, or cloth until their umbilical cord falls off. You can continue the same till your baby is old enough to sit as well. 


Tips for handling newborns skin during bath 

#1. Use a soft washcloth and clear water to clean the eyes, face, and ears of your baby

Newborns skin is delicate, and their facial skin is even more fragile. Direct usage of mild soap or flow of water is not suggestable in the initial days. Use a soft washcloth and clear water to clean the eyes, face and ears of your baby. Use a fresh part of the washcloth for each eye and ear while bathing. Apply minimal force and be extremely gentle while clearing their eyes. 


#2. Support baby’s head and back with your hands while cleaning their hair and scalp. 

While cleaning head and scalp, pick your baby up and support his head in your hand and his back with your forearm. Gently rest the baby’s buttocks on your hip and hold them with grip. Holding your baby this way gives him a sense of security and will not try to move much. Wet baby’s head with a little amount of clear water. Use baby shampoo and make a soapy lather with your hands before applying on the baby’s spot. 

Clear the scalp and hair with clean water once done without letting the foam enter into their eyes or ears. 


#3. Place your baby on bath pads or cloth frame for a complete body scrub 

Place your baby on bath pads or cloth platforms before scrubbing their body. Again, do not apply the soap directly on their skin. Use your hands to create the foam and apply foam to the baby’s skin. Be sure to clean the skin folds, between fingers and toes, and the genital area carefully. Rinse the foam off with clear water or a dampened washcloth before drying them off. 


Tips for handling newborns skin after bath 

Quick skincare after the bath will help your little totes skin from drying off. Follow instant three steps after every successful bath. 

  1. Dry them off with a soft dry cloth and wrap them up in a dry towel for a while before patting their skin. 
  2. After the bath is a perfect time to do moisturising for your baby, use a fragrance-free moisturiser that can smoothly blend with your baby’s skin. 
  3. Give a thorough infant massage before you put on clothes or diaper. Infant massage will help your baby in improving blood circulation to skin cells and will make them fall asleep. 

As much as we care for their nutrition and health, skincare plays a vital role as well. Follow the measures mentioned above to keep your baby’s skin hydrated, healthy and glowing. Readout more skincare tips for babies within the first year here


*Information shared here is for general purpose. Please take doctors’ advice before making any decision.

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