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With KIMS Cuddles’ birthing health care in Hyderabad, you can leave it upon us to worry about figuring out the health part of you and your coming child, and focus on enjoying every moment of the wondrous journey that giving birth to your child would be!

At KIMS Cuddles, we aim to make this even more memorable for you in our homely atmosphere  With our committed birthing health care in Hyderabad, you would experience the same warmth, love, care, and personalization, that you would have, in your mother’s home- along with advanced medical assistance. For us, you and your baby are one of your kind, and our birthing health care in Hyderabad is also designed keeping while that in mind.

We understand how worried you would be, on the verge of becoming a mother. Sharing the same level of concern, we take care of all your requirements so that you can have a comfortable and painless experience while becoming a mommy. Our expert team works round the clock to provide the best birthing health care in Hyderabad, right from the ‘environment’, to the medical support for you and your baby. To ensure the best diagnosis we use the latest technology.

Our world class gynecologists, pediatricians, neonatologists, surgeons and skilled staff are there to assist you in all type of situations.

If you would want to see the place beforehand and meet the people who would be taking care of your birthing, before making a decision, we also offer a guided tour to our location where you will know all about our plans in detail.


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Our Birthing Services

High-Risk Pregnancy Management

At KIMS Cuddles, we have state of the art facilities and experts for treating the high risk pregnancy cases. Our skilled nursing team and team of trusted doctors ensure that the birth process is smooth even with multiple complexities.

The Operation Theater

Our OTs are among the best in the business where the environment is completely sterile and the equipment like advanced monitoring machines, world-class surgical tables, and lights help our top specialists perform critical surgeries.

Painless Delivery (With Anaesthesia)

An epidural anaesthesia is used for continuous pain relief in the lower part of your body. This will allow you to combat pain during delivery. The best part, baby is delivered with you being fully conscious.

 Advanced LDR Rooms

KIMS Cuddles offers services that are best in class. Our Labor, Delivery, Recovery (LDR) rooms are designed to offer the comfort of your home. In fact, every LDR room has advanced equipment to deal with complications, while ensuring the mother and baby’s wellbeing and comfort.