Gynecology Health Care

Gynecology is the branch of medical practice which deals with the health care of female reproductive system and breasts. Gynecology is also called the ‘Science of Women’. At KIMS Cuddles, we have expert gynecologists who specialize in the proper healthcare of disease related to female reproductive organs with comprehensive outpatient daycare procedures and surgical options. You will feel comfortable and cared when you trust us for your gynecology needs. We offer the most current diagnostic and operative technologies.

At our gynecology hospital in Hyderabad, we have a team of experts in cesarean section, hysterectomy to treat fibroids and abnormal bleeding, ablation modalities, laparoscopy to treat pelvic pain, masses and endometriosis to name a few.

Whether you want to be a mother, going to be a mother or are a mother already, we have a skilled team of gynecologists to provide a healthcare solution for your problems. Our knowledgeable and caring team members are dedicated to provide personalized care for women of all ages. Enjoy a warm and compassionate environment from admission to discharge. We are sensitive to women’s needs and we make privacy a top priority.


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Our Gynecology Services

Family planning services at our gynecology hospital in HyderabadFamily Planning

At our gynecology hospital in Hyderabad, our experts help you manage the spacing between the birth of your child by contraceptive methods. We provide confidential, low-cost, preventative health care to both females and males to help with their reproductive health needs.


Laparoscopy involves making small incisions on the abdomen or the pelvis of a person to diagnose conditions. We have experts in treating gynecologic cancers, hysterectomy, endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts or uterus related problems.


The world class gynecologists at KIMS Cuddles, diagnose and understand your health issues and work towards curing them. Our doctors are dedicated to provide personalized care for women of all ages and conditions.