Effective Ways to manage Labor Pain

Giving birth to a child is hard work and getting through the labor pain is on every pregnant woman’s mind. They don’t call it labor pain for anything. Although much dreaded, there are several effective ways to manage the pain. Here are some of the Effective Ways to Manage Labor Pain:


  1. Breathing Techniques

Paying attention to your breathing is an effective way to stay relaxed and manage labor pain. Focus on your breath and release it while paying attention to how you do it. Some doctors say that ‘breath is the path through the contractions’ and they should just follow the path until the sensation starts to fade. Rhythm breathing can also help during contractions. With each exhalation and moaning, pregnant women can release tension and ease into labor.


  1. Move Around

Most healthcare providers recommend moving around to help your labor progress. Walking, swaying, changing positions, and rolling on a birthing ball can help ease the pain and also use the force of gravity to your advantage to speed up labor. This can also help in encouraging movement and rotation of the baby through the pelvic canal. Talk to your doctor when you’re in labor and take their support before you’re ready to deliver.


  1. Try Water Therapy

Warm water can help reduce labor pain to a great extent. While making your birthing plan, talk to your doctor if you can step into a tub with warm water to help you with the pain during labor. You can even take hot showers to relax and give yourself a feeling of massage. However, before you try water therapy during labor, consult your doctor. Our experts at KIMS Cuddles can help make you feel comfortable when during labor pains.


  1. Massage

Gentle massages on your lower back during labor can provide great relief from the pain. Ask your husband or caregiver if they can apply counter-pressure by massaging your back to help reduce the pain. If that doesn’t help, you can ask them to rub your feet or massage your hands or temples to distract you, relax you, and make you feel cared for.


  1. Create a soothing Environment

Make sure you choose a birthing place that feels safe to you. Ensure that it has space to walk, bathe and a variety of furniture and devices that help enhance movements. Try asking for a birth ball, low stool, squatting bar and a soft bed. See if you can get a CD player to listen to soothing music that can help you relax and manage the labor pain.

  1. Learn about pain medications

Pain medication such as epidurals have become very popular over the years. While epidurals can be extremely effective, they take at least 10 to 25 minutes to show any effect. On the other hand, spinals work within seconds and are effective for around 45 minutes. While epidural is given continuously, spinal is a single injection given in your lower back. Understanding more about pain medication can help you choose when you think you are unable to handle labor pain. Seek your doctor’s recommendation if you need relief while you’re in labor.


With the right support from your partner or family, and the efficient care by a good team of doctors, labor pain can be easily managed. To know more, meet the experts at KIMS Cuddles.

Hope this about Effective Ways to manage Labor Pain was helpful to you.


**Information shared here is for general purpose. Please take doctors’ advice before taking any decision.

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