tips to increase ivf success rate

The inability to conceive may lead a couple to turn to fertility treatments. Some of the more popular ones include in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI). The success of IUI is 1-2% per cycle and that of IVF is 20-35% per cycle. There are several factors that affect the success rates and it is important to remember that, here are 5 tips to increase IVF success rate:

  • Normal IVF success rate is 20-35%, mainly because a young, fertile couple has a 15-20% chance of conceiving naturally.
  • IUI has 5-20% success rate per cycle, with 20% more likely for those who take fertility drugs along with IUI treatment.
  • A woman’s age is an important factor in determining the success of an IVF or IUI treatment. For those under 35, there is 32% chance of success with her first IVF. Those who are over 39 years old may need more than five IVF treatments.

Understanding success rates of fertility treatments before opting for them will help you feel more prepared, in case the procedure doesn’t work for you sooner. Some of these tips can help increase IVF and IUI success for those who are trying:

  1. Avoid ejaculation to increase sperm count

Men who will be donating their sperm sample are advised to refrain from sexual intercourse and masturbation for about 3 days before the donation. This can help increase the sperm count and improve the chances of a successful IUI or IVF procedure.


  1. Have sex after the procedure

This might seem fairly obvious, but studies have indicated that having intercourse after a procedure can improve the IUI and IVF success rate to some extent. Researchers think that the natural chemicals and hormones released during sex can increase the chances of conception. But before doing so, ask your fertility expert if you should go ahead or abstain from sex after the procedure. Our doctors at KIMS Cuddles can answer your queries regarding the same.


  1. Avoid heavy exercise

Fertility experts suggest women who are undergoing IVF treatments to take it easy when it comes to heavy exercises. Moderate to strenuous exercises can reduce fertility levels and decreased rates of conception. Women who exercise for more than 4 hours a week for a period of 1-9 years are 40% less likely to have live birth as compared to those who do not exercise. These women are also twice as likely to have an implantation failure or pregnancy loss. Therefore, during IVF or IUI treatments, opt for low-intensity options like walking, swimming or yoga.


  1. Eat Healthy

A healthy and well-balanced diet can lead to positive outcomes for IVF and IUI treatments. It is important to eat whole foods instead of packaged ones. Reduce your intake of refined flour based products like pastries and cakes, which are high in sugar and trans fats and can adversely affect fertility. Eat lot of food that is high in protein to improve your chances of getting pregnant.


  1. Avoid Stress

Stress can negatively impact the reproductive system and play havoc with your overall health. If you are going for fertility treatments like IVF and IUI, it is natural to feel anxious and stressed. However, make sure you take out some time every day to de-stress. Try listening to soothing music or meditate each day. Even practicing yoga can be extremely beneficial in managing stress and staying healthy. By doing so, you can improve your chances of IVF and IUI success.


Although there are no sure-shot methods of ensuring success in IVF and IUI treatments, some of the above-mentioned tips can help increase your odds just a little bit. If you have any more queries regarding these procedures. Hope this blog of tips to increase IVF success rate was helpful to you. Visit KIMS Cuddles to understand better tips to increase IVF success rate.

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